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Digging Into Trends in Commercial Landscape Design

on January 19, 2024 at 11:21 am under , , , ,

With Bruce Jett, JETT Landscape Architecture + Design

Tournesol had the opportunity to sit down with Bruce Jett, and he shared his perspective on the future of landscape architecture.

Vertical Landscapes & Greenscreen Trellis Systems
Vertical landscapes, greenscreens, and vertical gardens are being used to transform outdoor urban designs. A greenscreen is made of welded wire trellises forming a 3D structure. Available in various widths and sizes, these versatile modular panels are both sturdy and lightweight. Using plants as screens is a beautiful way to conceal unpleasant sights, define areas, direct movement, or create the boundaries of a cozy outdoor space. A vertical landscape or garden makes the most use out of a small space, adding intriguing visual elements that draw the eye up, among other benefits.

Bruce gave his take, “I think there’s a greater spectrum of applications for things like greenscreens and vertical gardens. These vertical farms can be a couple stories high. Studies have been done that show that half a city block in vertical agriculture could possibly produce as much food as, I don’t know, hundreds of acres of land and grow as much food in a single vertical agriculture structure that would feed a hundred or more families in a half a mile radius and you don’t have to hire a truck to haul it from 600 miles away.”

Tournesol is excited to bring Greenscreen® into our product portfolio, expanding the opportunities to grow vertically whether your plans are vines or vegetables.

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