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Expotrade Australia is Delighted to Welcome Geoff Heard to the 2023 Victorian Major Projects Conference

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The 2023 VIC Major Projects Conference arrives next week on October 10 & 11 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get up to date with the latest infrastructure news and projects in the State!

Geoff Heard, Managing Director of Fytogreen will take part of the expert panel discussion for Green Infrastructure on Wednesday 11th of October at 2:10pm register via the link below to purchase your ticket.

The panel will be discussing how green spaces have become the new standard in urban developments, as the natural environment succumbs to pressure from Victoria’s growing population. Incorporated to promote community wellbeing, reduce energy costs and emissions, green spaces include gardens, vegetable patches, tree corridors and wetlands.

Geoff Heard is the Managing Director of Fytogreen, an industry leader in ecological sustainable roof and vertical gardens. Geoff has a B. Ag in Commerce from Lincoln University NZ, has extensive experience in all aspects of living roof systems, and over 30 years of horticultural experience. Fytogreen has conducted rigorous research and development to adapt and modify horticultural products to be successful and sustainable in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. They have worked in conjunction with Australia’s leading developers, architects and government bodies to create beautiful, ecological sustainable gardens, integrated into architecture.

Janefield Wetlands

Fytogreen is a multi-award-winning innovator of green infrastructure solutions and Australia’s leading specialist in roof gardens, green walls, planter boxes and elevated greening. We help government bodies, architects, landscape architects, developers, design managers and owners deliver resilient living architecture solutions that reconnect urban living with the restorative natural world. Fytogreen is a full-service green infrastructure specialist that’s been developing sustainable greening solutions since 2002. We lead the way in an industry where nature and technology meet. Supplying more than 900,000m2 of greening across Australia, we have the horticultural knowledge, research focus and technical smarts to grow in every ecosystem and deliver on any scale.

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