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From Lush Gardens to Bird Havens: 7 Homes Around the World Capped With ‘Living’ Rooftops

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Photo: Oil Nut Bay

A living rooftop teeming with birds and pollinators can make your home a more vibrant, healthier place to live.

Not just beautiful spaces, living roofs offer benefits like energy-efficient insulation, stormwater management, the absorption of carbon dioxide, providing habitats for insects and birds, and facilitating bees and other pollinators. Additional advantages include reducing heating and cooling costs, improving air quality, and increasing psychological well-being. Indeed, form and function coexist on living rooftops.

“Green roofs are more than a decorative element—they’re a powerful tool to address climate challenges like urban heat, flooding, loss of biodiversity, and poor air quality,” says June Altamura of Living Roofs, an expert-led design and construction company specializing in landscape on structures. “While a typical roof’s single purpose is to keep weather elements outside of the building, a living roof does that and more. A green roof covers the waterproofing membrane with drainage layers, growing medium, and vegetation, thereby protecting the roofing membrane, extending the lifespan of the roof, and acting as nature-based infrastructure.”

Eco-conscious and biophilic living—design principles that aim to incorporate nature and connect homeowners to their natural surroundings—is on the rise, and a living rooftop is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make that happen. Robb Report has rounded up seven spectacular homes from Hawaii and California to Turks and Caicos and Stockholm to showcase a variety of swoon-worthy homes with living rooftops.

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