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Columbia Green Technologies Adds New Regional Sales Representative – Beau Diaz

on August 8, 2023 at 11:28 am under , , ,

Columbia Green Technologies is a global leader in the green roof market industry, which that is forecasted to be a $13.7 billion dollar industry by 2026 according to Expert Market Research. We are committed to providing green roofs and green amenity spaces to assist with the impact of the ever-changing climate, while promoting sustainability and wellness, thus supporting building owners and their investors with positive returns on their long-term ESG investments.

Columbia Green Technologies is proud to welcome their new California Sales Representative, Beau Diaz to the Columbia Green team!

Beau joins Columbia Green as the Regional Sales Rep for CA. Beau has an extensive background in the construction industry and in green building products. He served as an installer, construction manager and most recently in sales for an agriculture solar company. He owns a sustainable fire suppression and weed control business where he uses goats and sheep to keep vegetation down in high fire risk areas as well as all types of land with overgrown vegetation.

Beau played college soccer and graduated from Sonoma State. He then went on to play professional soccer at Fresno Fuego. He is passionate about sustainability and has a love for nature and the great outdoors.

Columbia Green Technologies is a leader in the green roof market industry. Columbia Green offers the most innovative green roof, amenity deck and blue roof systems in the market from the roof, down the wall and to the ground. In addition to our various green roof systems, we are a complete amenity deck provider offering pavers, pedestals, and foam. Also, our products are now helping create PARKS above structure. Our green roofs solve a variety of problems associated with aging infrastructure and urbanization by bringing nature back into the urban landscape. Our products help designers and developers achieve nature-based designs in buildings and neighborhoods which improves wellness and helps building owners and their investors improve asset value. Our comprehensive solutions help save time and money from bidding to shipping to long-term maintenance. We are committed to not only successful installs but also to the long-term success of our projects. The green revolution is here and the time to act is now.

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