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GreenGrid G5 Green Roof System: Enhancing Sustainability and Building Environments

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As concerns surrounding climate change grow, the demand for sustainable technologies and solutions continues to rise. The GreenGrid G5 green roof system is meeting the challenges by exhibiting a multitude of benefits that contribute to cleaner air, water, and enhancements to the building environments. Developed and manufactured in the USA, this innovative system has installed millions of square feet in numerous green roof projects across the country and in Canada.

Key Features and Adaptability:
The GreenGrid G5 system consists of 2’x2′ square trays with varying depths, including 2.75″, 4″, 6″, and 8″. These trays can be easily installed and cut to fit any curve or angle, allowing for seamless integration with diverse architectural designs. Whether your roof is flat or sloped, the trays can be securely connected using plastic panel fasteners, zip ties, or custom modules. This adaptability ensures that the system can be installed on a wide range of roofs, maximizing its application potential.

GreenGrid System Cutaway. Image Credit: GreenGrid Roofs.

Efficient Maintenance and Irrigation:
The GreenGrid trays are designed with water storage cavities and channels underneath, enabling the installation of an efficient irrigation system. This feature not only simplifies plant maintenance but also enhances their longevity by ensuring adequate hydration. The system’s simple design allows for easy removal of trays during maintenance activities, ensuring minimal disruption to the overall green roof installation.

Benefits of Green Roof Systems:

  1. Stormwater Management and Control: Green roofs help to delay rooftop runoff, reducing the strain on local drainage systems and minimizing the risk of local flooding. By absorbing and retaining rainwater, they contribute to effective stormwater management.
  2. Combating the Heat Island Effect: Green roofs act as natural coolants by reflecting sunlight and producing moisture through the process of evapotranspiration. This reduces the surrounding temperatures, which is particularly crucial in urban areas.
  3. Creating New Habitat: Green roofs support an ecosystem by providing a habitat for pollinators, insects, and birds. They contribute to biodiversity in urban environments, promoting a healthier and more balanced ecosystem.
  4. Enhanced Building Environment: The installation of green roofs helps regulate internal temperatures, leading to a more comfortable indoor environment. Additionally, they act as sound barriers, reducing noise pollution and creating a quieter atmosphere within the building.
  5. Increased Roof Lifespan and Cost Savings: Green roofs protect the underlying roof membrane from harsh weather conditions, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. This extends the lifespan of the roof and reduces maintenance costs over time.
  6. Creating Amenity Space: Green roofs can transform unused or unattractive rooftop areas into captivating and visually appealing environments. They provide opportunities for recreational spaces, gardens, or simply pleasant views for building occupants.

Check out more projects from GreenGrid. Image Credit: GreenGrid Roofs.

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The GreenGrid green roof system was the first U.S. modular system developed in the late 1990’s and in commercial use since 2001. With over 20 years of experience, it is one of the leading suppliers in the country. It is the only green roof system that is manufactured and fully backed by a professional environmental engineering firm (Weston Solutions, Inc.). GreenGrid is one of the easiest, if not THE easiest, system to install and offers an array of options to it’s customers. These include but are not limited to, multiple tray depths, various planting options, technical expertise, and many more.

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