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Time is Short, but there is a Clear Path Forward, Earth Day, WGIC 2023 in Berlin + much more…

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Photo: Earth Day 2023

Happy April! Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere while our Southern compatriots are experiencing autumn, and weather and climate-based episodes continue getting more extreme.

Have you seen the latest U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on climate change? It’s a sobering eye-opener, yet it also says that we can avert true climate catastrophe – if we take the clear, green path forward:

“Green, natural and blue infrastructure such as urban forestry, green roofs, ponds and lakes, and river restoration can mitigate climate change through carbon uptake and storage, avoided emissions, and reduced energy use while reducing risk from extreme events such as heatwaves, heavy precipitation and droughts, and advancing co-benefits for health, wellbeing and livelihoods. Urban greening can provide local cooling. Combining green/natural and grey/physical infrastructure adaptation responses has potential to reduce adaptation costs and contribute to flood control, sanitation, water resources management, landslide prevention and coastal protection. Globally, more financing is directed at grey/physical infrastructure than green/natural infrastructure and social infrastructure, and there is limited evidence of investment in informal settlements.” Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report

With green infrastructure and living architecture we protect our Earth and create a built environment that supports the health of the planet: our people, flora, and fauna. And investing in a green economy is essential.

April is World Landscape Architecture Month (#WLAM2023) as well as Earth Month, and Earth Day will celebrate its 53rd observance on April 22. This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet” – very timely, indeed!

Many upcoming events highlight other great organizations and happenings, from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities with their Boston Grey To Green Conference later this month to the World Green Infrastructure Congress 2023 in Berlin and Online: 27 – 29 June 2023 organized by BuGG with many national and international partners including WGIN and EFB. The #WGIC23 Call for Posters is due April 15 and regular registration ends on May 26.

Finally, don’t miss landscape architect Steven L. Cantor’s second and final installment of High Line Redux 2023, a discriminating photo essay-style look into the many aspects of its successful design and implementation.

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