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#ActNow for a Cooler Planet – Plant Greenroofs/Walls | Climate Week, CitiesAlive 2022: The Homecoming in Philadelphia + much more…

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Photo: Photo by Markus Spiske


The frequency of recent collapsing glaciers, some deadly, in Kyrgyzstan, Italy, and the Chilean Patagonia may continue as the world accelerates its warming process. Human-caused climate change and greenhouse emissions must decelerate. We have some great events and resources to inform us and help drive climate action:

Going on right now, Climate Week NYC on September 19 – 25, “is all about Getting It Done. Through celebrating climate action, challenging ourselves to do more, and exploring ways to increase ambition, Climate Week NYC inspires, amplifies and provides a global platform for connection and discussion.”

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $66 million in funding to research the impact of climate change on America’s urban communities for three projects. Involving over 20 institutions, Urban Integrated Field Laboratories will be developed in Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, and the Texas Gulf Coast. Led by Argonne National Laboratory, the Chicago project will employ a network of observations and modeling from street to regional scales to explore multiple issues, including mitigation via greenroofs and blue spaces, and community-driven future scenarios for adaptation and decarbonization.

And finally, after two years held virtually, Cities Alive: The Homecoming is back in person next month in beautiful and historic Philadelphia! Concentrating on the theme “Green Infrastructure & Water in a Changing Climate,” the living architecture community will be able to learn, reconnect, and network live.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to meet with awesome speakers and fellow practitioners! Join Aramis & Linda in Philly where she’s presenting “Top 10 World-Changing Blue-Green Infrastructure Designs to Cool Our Warming Planet” on Tuesday October 18 at 10:45 – 11:45. See you there?

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