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The World Will #SwitchOff this Saturday March 26th: #EarthHour2022 Returns for Fifteenth Consecutive Year

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The World Will #SwitchOff this Saturday March 26th

Join us for Earth Hour, the world’s largest movement to protect our planet – taking place this Saturday March 26th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm – local time!


Earth Hour is World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) flagship global environmental movement. Born in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has since gained millions of supporters in over 190 countries and territories and more than 7000 cities. It’s a community-led movement that sees millions turn off their lights in a symbolic action to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss.

For 2022, #EarthHour2022 is highlighting how we can #ShapeOurFuture. Participants will call for stronger action on climate change, starting with recognising its impacts on vital ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef. Major international landmarks will also go dark in solidarity, including the Sydney Opera House, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, New York’s Empire State Building, Cairo’s Pyramids, Rio’s Christ the Redeemer and the Tokyo Sky Tree.


Saturday March 26th, 2022 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time.

How to get involved? 

Join millions around the world and support stronger action on climate change by switching off the lights in your home or business from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday March 26th.

The World Will #SwitchOff this Saturday March 26th

Where to sign up?

Sign up at, to help make a difference to our planet and go in the running to win return flights and a seven-day trip to North Queensland for two with Intrepid Travel.

Earth Hour has grown to become one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment, inspiring individuals, communities, businesses and organisations in more than 190 countries and territories to take tangible environmental action for over a decade. Historically, Earth Hour has focused on the climate crisis, but more recently Earth Hour has strived to also bring the pressing issue of nature loss to the fore. The aim is to create an unstoppable movement for nature, as it did when the world came together to tackle climate change. The movement recognises the role of individuals in creating solutions to the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges and harnesses the collective power of its millions of supporters to drive change.

About WWF

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with over 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. Visit for the latest news and media resources.

Protecting our planet by promoting and incorporating living architecture is’s mission, along with many of you – let’s do more projects that provide more green infrastructure, greenroofs, greenwalls, solar panels, stormwater management, etc.


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