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Garage Apartments Green Roof by Living Roofs, Inc. Wins NCASLA Merit Award

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Asheville, NC. (February 21, 2022)Living Roofs, Inc., is a small firm that specializes in the design and implementation of green roofs and living walls, takes this beloved lyric to a new, literal level.

The 2021 NCASLA Award Winners are in, and we are delighted to announce that the Garage Apartments Green Roof was recognized yet again!

This hardworking, beautiful piece of infrastructure was recognized for its beauty and function. This roof continues to teach us so many lessons, including how green roofs promote biodiversity, reduce roof temperature, provide habitat and food sources for native pollinators, and reduce stormwater runoff.

The living roof over the Garage Apartments demonstrates how even a small roof can make a big impact on the ecological health of a city. This is a positive step towards developing an urban community that supports native pollinator populations, reduces heat island effect and allows the rain to evaporate and plants to transpire similar to as they would in nature.

Garage Apartments Green Roof, Asheville, N.C. by Living Roofs, Inc.

Living Roofs, Inc. specializes in professional green roof and green wall services. We collaborate with designers and developers to provide high quality green roof and green wall systems for commercial, residential, and institutional structures. Founded in 2006, Living Roofs Inc. is an established expert and leader in the field of Green Roofs and Living Walls. We hold true to our pioneering spirit—designing, installing and maintaining projects from coast to coast. We have worked in urban and rural areas on projects both residential and public. Our dedication to a more colorful and sustainable future through the growth and development of Green Roofs is matched only by our commitment to our clients.

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