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Jakob Rope Systems Contributes to Monad Terrace Green Walls by Atelier Jean Nouvel

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Jakob Rope Systems Contributes to Monad Terrace Green Walls by Atelier Jean Nouvel

Jakob Rope Systems was involved in the new luxury building designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel and developer by JDS Development Group

Boca Raton, FL. (November 18, 2021) – Jakob Rope Systems is a worldwide leader in manufacturing custom-made stainless steel wire rope, nets, rods, fasteners, and fittings. They have been providing design solutions and products for over 100 years in more than 55 countries.

Located in South Beach, in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Miami, Monad Terrace is a unique Building Apartment Complex done by the French Architect Jean Nouvel. There are 59 individually designed waterfront luxury condos, arrayed around a glittering lagoon on Biscayne Bay. The Monad Terrace provides brilliant light and expansive private outdoor space while being sheltered by climbing gardens that feature native Bougainvillea and Passion Vines.

For this innovative Green wall System and railings Jakob was involved in selecting the suitable hardware, accessories, and cables to reach the goal proposed by the design team.

The north and south facades will become true landscapes: filters of flowers, plants and leaves. The neighbors will never be able to see into the intimacy of the terraces and apartments of Monad. They simply have a beautiful vertical landscape in their views.

Monad Terrace Green Walls

Monad Terrace is a unique Building Apartment Complex done by the French Architect Jean Nouvel

Jakob Webnet was the ideal product to achieve a multipurpose effect – transparency, plant training and accomplish the specific geometry that was designed by the architect.

  • The foreground of vertical landscapes gives a perception of depth with beams of light filtering through that annuls any introspection.
  • The west views are of the lagoon, and east, on the horizon, with the big cruise ships and the mysterious vastness of the ocean. These are framed by the architecture and emphasized by the layout of the apartments. Reflections from the water and the vegetation foreground enhance this emotional experience.
  • Each apartment “captures” the best qualities of the site and its position: some have incredible unobstructed Bay views, and green filtered views north and south; others are immersed in the lush tree canopy and profit from the closeness to the lagoon.
  • In short everything is designed to enjoy the depth of views and textures of light and the landscaping.

Jakob did the coordination with the construction company from beginning to end to deliver the finished products and accessories to the jobsite while ensuring a smooth and easy installation.

Products by Jakob:

  • STAINLESS STEEL – WEBNET (with sleeves), Wire Mesh Cable diameter 2mm, Mesh Opening 160mm
  • STRUCTURAL CABLES, Cable diameter 8mm and hardware
  • CABLE RAIL, Cable diameter 6mm and hardware

Thank you to Jean Nouvel and JDS Development Group for their trust in us.

Monad Terrace Residences from Jakob_Usa on Vimeo.

Our wire ropes, webnet, rods & fasteners can be used for various applications: railing balustrades; safety netting; training systems & trellises for green facades; as well as other structural applications such as canopies, & tensioning supports. Our Boca Raton, Florida office consists of a team of architects, technicians, and sales consultants, who coordinate all sales activities for North America. We strive to combine the aesthetic sense of the architect with the structural requests of the contractor and engineer, allowing us to offer an incredibly broad product range. The applications are limited only by your imagination!

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