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SYMBIOS ecotecture Launches a New Website to Reflect the Company’s Holistic & Integrated Vision

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Sebastopol, CA., USA. – (November 6, 2021) – SYMBIOS ecotecture is a unique green roof and wall company dedicated to developing artesian-type designs coupled with optimal performance based vegetative building systems. As a DESIGN + BUILD company, we can make the follow-through from design to installation a smooth ride. Committed to being a full-service provider, we also offer maintenance services to keep the roof system vibrant year after year.

As design professionals and experienced builders for over 24 years, we understand that successful projects reflect an integrated approach that combines in-depth knowledge, thoughtful design and technical skills. Over the years we have teamed-up with architects, developers and private property owners to foster vegetative roof and wall systems that achieve optimal performance as well as appealing aesthetics.

SYMBIOS ecotecture is a company dedicated to the full development of Building Integrated Vegetation, spanning from design, installations to maintenance of these living systems.

The integrated approach focuses on:

  • Optimizing building envelopes with living systems
  • Rewilding our dwellings & built environments
  • Developing onsite water reuse to sustain life
  • Connecting people with Nature

SYMBIOS has launched a new website to reflect the company’s holistic and integrated vision to showcase the inherent benefits that can be achieved when collaborating with Nature.

  • An extensive project gallery was developed to include past as well as many newly completed projects. Searchable database is available.
  • A new ‘Sky Tour’ video featuring a sampling of our living roof projects (see below)
  • Ecotecture explained: a regenerative force for a sustainable future
  • Building Integrated Systems: Growing systems, Soil systems, Eco water systems
  • Services offered: Predesign, Design, Planning, Construction and Maintenance
  • The updated online platform,, showcases over 2 decades of our company’s focus and passion for integrating the built with biological.

SYMBIOS ecotecture is a company dedicated to the design, development and installations of Building Integrated Vegetation.

Committed to 'Building With Life.' Our integrated approach offers design, installation & maintenance services for both residential & commercial vegetative roof projects. Specializing in architectural detailing, green roof technologies & landscaping. SYMBIOS offers a range of built-up assemblies that are customized to the site-specific requirements of every project. We start with the project design criteria and develop the most cost-effective system to meet these goals. In order to optimize these integrated vegetative systems in seasonally dry climates, we are versed in the development of on-site water reuse systems, such as rainwater harvesting, greywater and reclaimed waste-water.

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