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Jakob Rope Systems Offers New GreenKit Trellis System

on August 27, 2021 at 12:14 pm under , ,

The GreenKit is the stainless steel plant support for a perfect greening

Boca Raton, FL. (August 27, 2021) – Jakob Rope Systems is a worldwide leader in manufacturing custom-made stainless steel wire rope, nets, rods, fasteners, and fittings. They have been providing design solutions and products for over 100 years in more than 55 countries.

Greening has gained a new dimension with our new GreenKit Trellis System. All Stainless Steel components, more compact, weather-resistant and easy to install.

GreenKit is a complete set of cables, spacers, and accessories for the installation of beautiful and modern greening designs at home. It’s designed to easily mount to any wall with common tools and requires no maintenance. Our GreenKit includes cables and spacers made from marine-grade stainless steel and UV-resistant plastic cross clamps. The high-quality materials guarantee a long life and successful climbing support for your greening, indoors and outdoors. It can be installed on numerous wall types like brick, wood or concrete.

Four different GreenKit configurations make it adaptable in height and width. Adding greening to your home or garden with high-quality plant support has never been so easy. Each kit includes mounting hardware and instructions.

  • GREENKIT includes: Cables, spacers, screws, plastic dowels, tensioners and rods made of stainless steel, and cross clamps and caps made of UV-Resistant plastic.
  • Assembly length = Up to 80 in. in height. Easily adjusted and can be cut to exact length in the field.
  • 4 mm (5/32 in.) cable diameter.
  • Stainless steel 1×19 AISI 316 stranded wire construction. Durable, weather-resistant, and modern.
  • Installation is DIY friendly and can be completed with common, basic tools.

Our wire ropes, webnet, rods & fasteners can be used for various applications: railing balustrades; safety netting; training systems & trellises for green facades; as well as other structural applications such as canopies, & tensioning supports. Our Boca Raton, Florida office consists of a team of architects, technicians, and sales consultants, who coordinate all sales activities for North America. We strive to combine the aesthetic sense of the architect with the structural requests of the contractor and engineer, allowing us to offer an incredibly broad product range. The applications are limited only by your imagination!

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