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Act Now To Support Bill H.R. 1863 – The Public School Green Rooftop Program!

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Take Action Now!

What is the Public School Green Rooftop Program Bill?

The proposed Public School Green Rooftop Program Bill (H.R. 1863) by Nydia Velázquez of New York would allocate $500 million of federal funding over four years to plan, build, and maintain green roofs on American public schools K-12. The Bill will deliver immediate benefits to students, teachers, communities and the growing green workforce. The Public School Green Rooftop Program will afford students with greater access to hands-on  STEM education, support the mental health and well-being of young people and provide career exploration opportunities.

In addition to the jobs and education support for our children, green roofs have significant benefits for both climate change mitigation and adaptation.  Green roofs are proven to manage stormwater and reduce flooding, save schools money by reducing energy consumption, improve local air quality, support biodiversity, grow food, and reduce the urban heat island effect.  Plus, countless studies suggest that natural environments such as green roofs are associated with mental health benefits for students and faculty, this is essential as we overcome the anxious and stressful pandemic times.

What are the Benefits of the Bill?

According to data provided by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the green roof industry association for North America, H.R. 1863 will support the creation of nearly 29,000 direct and indirect jobs based on the design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of green roofs on hundreds of school buildings across the nation.  The report also determined that under the bill, green roofs installed have the capability to retain an estimated 154 million gallons of stormwater, sequester 537 tons of carbon, and save 10.7 million kWh of electricity every year.

“We have an incredible opportunity here to support the Living Architecture / Green Infrastructure community and market. Please get involved NOW to promote healthy, sustainable, greenroofs, and where better than to start with our children in schools?” ~ Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP, Founder & Publisher

For the report please visit www. The data is clear, H.R. 1863 is a sound policy that will support sustainable jobs and help create resilient infrastructure that nurtures environmental and public health.

To read the Bill and see GRHC’s detailed analysis and other resources visit

Take Action Now!

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