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Bioroof’s Modular Systems Outperform the Competition

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Bioroof Offers a Modular System Solution for Every Project Type and Scope

Burlington, ON, Canada – (November 30, 2020) – Bioroof Systems boasts some of the highest performing systems on the green roof market, chief among which is our patented modular tray system. Over the years Bioroof has refined and innovated our modular trays in order to achieve maximum performance while still maintaining the quality and design of our original concept.

The current Bioroof module still features the same clever details of the original tray, including positive-locking perforated side walls for consistent soil-to-soil contact, a built-in water retention reservoir for unparalleled storm water retention, a geo-textile layer to prevent erosion of the growing media, and an optional pre-plumbed irrigation system integrated in to the modules for easy install. On top of these features the Bioroof modular system achieved the highest wind uplift rating according to CSA Standard A123.24-15.

Bioroof’s standard modular system contains a consistent 4” of growing media and comes with two media and vegetation combinations:

  • The Bio-Module, which uses Bioroof’s FLL-based Euro-Blend media planted with Sedum species; and
  • the Eco-Module, which uses Bioroof’s signature Eco-Blend media planted with native wildflower and grass species (both are also easily customizable).

In addition to these standard module options, Bioroof offers several different tray sizes and configurations for projects where the standard module isn’t a perfect fit. The Bio-Module 2 is a lightweight system designed to utilize either 2” of growing media or hydrophilic mineral wool with Sedum species for projects where structural load limitations are a factor. The Eco-Module 6 & 8 are two deeper modular options that allow for a wider variety of vegetation (i.e. larger grasses and small shrubs) to be used on projects whose design calls for a specific plant palette. All of our modular options provide exceptional water retention capacity (the standard Eco-Module has a water retention capacity of 4.00 gal / SF!) making them the perfect option for projects where storm water performance goals are key.

To ensure that our modules not only perform well and look good, but also are delivered to clients in a timely fashion, Bioroof has streamlined our assembly process so that our standard modules can be turned around in 30 days and custom modules in 90 days. Our modules are packaged on standard palettes to simplify site logistics. This is just one more way that Bioroof provides exceptional service to our customers, along with the quality craftsmanship we pride ourselves on.

Recently, Bioroof was chosen by the Canadian Construction Association as the winner of the TCA 2020 Innovative Product Award for the Bio-Module 2, further solidifying our position as a true North American innovator and leader in sustainable green roof technologies.

Bioroof Systems Inc. is a North American green roof systems manufacturer that was established in 2006 with headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Bioroof’s systems have been designed for quality and performance – going above and beyond the standard green roof offerings of other companies – and all our products have been developed and understood in relation to the diverse North American climate. Since that time, we have had millions of square feet of green roof systems installed throughout North America, including the largest modular green roof installation in the world.

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