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A Public Green Lung for Bellinzona, Switzerland

on November 4, 2020 at 11:41 am under , , ,
Photo: Ferdinando Crespi Ufficio Stampa

Porta del Ticino – Urban Living Lab is the project developed by a visionary team made up of sa_partners, TAMassociati and Franco Giorgetta Landscape Architect, laying out the path to follow for the future planning of the large site (120,000sqm) in Bellinzona.

At the centre of the industrial complex the elaborate urban layout will be dominated by the Almenda, a large public green lung, conceived both as a local green infrastructure and (with its 6.4 ha of biotic area and 3.2 ha of agricultural area) to offset the future industrial development outside the city. The Almenda will be the new, powerful urban landmark, a fertile ground of biodiversity and natural climate control for the city, at the sides of which the complex of structures will develop as a settlement.

It will also constitute the visual and ideal connection between Bellinzona Castle (a Unesco World Heritage Site) and the ‘Cathedral’ (the imposing industrial stone building, an icon of the factory) which together embody the city’s history and identity.

“The context of great climatic, economic and social volatility that we are experiencing raises questions that have never before emerged in the management of complexities at a global level. The city of the future will be like a living, flexible organism, capable of adapting to the changes that rapidly evolving societies and contexts will impose on territories and urban communities.” – TAMassociati

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