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Partner With Tournesol Siteworks and Help Make a Difference!

on June 30, 2020 at 1:32 pm under , ,

Now, more than ever, connecting with people and caring about our community is so important. As we move forward this year, we aspire to be more purposeful in our actions and to do things differently. It starts by being aware that the world has changed, and many people are struggling. We would like to partner with you to work towards doing something bigger and better with our time and you.

Introducing “Connect + Learn = Give,” our new campaign to help others by connecting with people. Here’s how it works: Give us 25 minutes of your time for a virtual meeting (instead of a lunch-and-learn), and we’ll give a donation of $25 in your name to one of two hunger-focused charities – of your choice just below.

Your time and generosity will help feed those who are hungry and improve the lives of many in need.

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Tournesol Siteworks is a manufacturer of products for commercial landscapes for over 30 years, and it has become the premier solution provider of products for rooftops, terraces, streetscapes, public institutions and hospitality projects nationwide. We provide complete landscape solutions for the urban environment. Green roofs don't have to be complicated, and our modular trays make installation on existing locations easy. From irrigation systems to site furnishings, we can green any building!

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