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Managing Stormwater Through Site Planning and Architecture

on May 14, 2020 at 10:57 am under , , ,
Photo: Architek SBP Inc.

Integrated Approach Provides the Best Results

Applying an integrated approach to site water management will always bring the best results. Combining traditional and blue-green green roofs with high performance stormwater catchment systems, rainwater harvesting, permeable hardscapes and smart controls, we can use water very productively for the building and the site.

Sustainable Benefits and Long Term Pay-offs

Site water management provides for many long-term benefits when it comes to sustainable development. Firstly, every time municipal crews dig up existing stormwater infrastructure for expansion or repair, it is not only costly from an economic perspective, there is a significant carbon footprint to this activity. With that said, reducing stormwater system infrastructure remediation, repair and replacement due to increasing demand has a positive impact on our urban environment.

Additionally, by reducing water use at the site level for landscape irrigation and reusing site retained stormwater during wet seasons through traditional or passive irrigation we are not only managing stormwater we are conserving water during drier seasons. When we utilize the available new smart technologies for managing water at the site, we dramatically reduce the environmental footprint and save city taxpayers millions of dollars of infrastructure expenditures.

Changing the Nature of Stormwater Management is unquestionably the natural choice moving forward.

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