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MMSD Accelerating Green Program to Reduce Overflows and Protect Lake Michigan

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MMSD is a regional government agency that provides water reclamation and flood management services for about 1.1 million people in 28 communities in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Green infrastructure comes in many forms and sizes to help manage water where it falls to reduce water pollution. One inch of rain on MMSD’s service area equals 7.1 billion gallons of water. Green roofs, rain gardens, porous pavement, and other techniques help capture and hold water, so it doesn’t flow downhill, creating problems downstream or in the sanitary sewer system.

To date, MMSD and numerous partners have created 33 million gallons of storage in the region using green infrastructure. The District’s new program will significantly ramp up the total gallons of storage and identify techniques to help reduce the cost of green infrastructure. To get the job done, MMSD is entering a public/private partnership with Corvias, a consulting firm that specializes in infrastructure needs through design, financing, construction, maintenance, and community services. Corvias has delivered more than 900 green infrastructure projects across 15 states, from Florida to Alaska. The company has worked on similar large-scale stormwater programs that are most applicable to MMSD’s new program, including a 30-year project in Prince George’s County, MD.

Starting this year, Corvias will work with the District to identify target areas for green infrastructure, based on the ability to support program goals, such as reducing overflow volumes, reducing localized flooding, and improving water quality. Corvias and MMSD will build a supportive and well-trained engineering, construction, and maintenance community around these types of stormwater practices. Corvias will also begin the design and construction of 8.45 million gallons in stormwater projects over the next three years. The project area includes all of Milwaukee County (except South Milwaukee) and Muskego.

This project is innovative; the first of its kind for MMSD. It reduces the risk for taxpayers, as Corvias will only be paid based on performance (gallons attained). The District’s program is backed by a $20 million budget over three years. Corvias will provide upfront financing, design, and construction. The company will be paid $2.365 for every gallon of storage created with green infrastructure. That figure includes management oversight and staff time.

MillerCoors green roof and rain gardens can capture and clean more than 96,000 gallons of water every time it rains which helps protect Lake Michigan and our watersheds from flooding and improve water pollution.

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