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Architek Sustainable Building Products – “Changing the Nature of Architecture”

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Vancouver, BC, Canada – (September 26, 2019) – Architek Sustainable Building Products Inc. is launching a rebranding campaign commencing November 2019 which will run through to the spring of 2020. The objective of this campaign is to reach out to primary Architects and Developers and encourage them to involve Living Building experts early in the design stage of projects.

“As green roofs, living walls, green facades and site water solutions are utilized in urban building projects more often, it is our firm’s belief that Living Building specialists can offer much needed expertise at the design stage through to construction.” says Ronald Schwenger, Principal and Founder of Architek. “The time has come that leaders in architecture and construction recognize Living Building systems as a speciality that requires a unique set of skills and expertise. Utilizing this expertise from design through to construction will lead to better design and detailing resulting in a more cost effective and higher performance result.”

“The time has come that leaders in architecture and construction recognize Living Building systems as a speciality that requires a unique set of skills and expertise.”
Ronald Schwenger
Principal and Founder of Architek

With that said, Architek SBP Inc. is investing in an aggressive online and print advertising campaign in Canadian Architect to reach Architects and Developers across Canada. The rebranding campaign aims at: “Changing the Nature of Architecture”.

We look forward to working with municipal planners, developers, architects, and contractors in developing well-designed, cost effective solutions for living building projects across Canada.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this in detail at any time at 604-714-0028 or email us at

Architek SBP Inc. is a leading, full-service company providing engineered solutions for living buildings in Canada. Our services include: design-assist, shop drawing and system detailing, product distribution and supply, installation and maintenance services in the following categories: green roofs, living walls/vertical gardens, living facades and site water management. Architek was established in 2007 and has offices in Vancouver and will be opening offices in Eastern Canada in the near future. We have a very progressive culture and open office environment. Our philosophy is to create a work environment which encourages our staff to participate in all aspects of our company, do so with a great degree of passion for their work and play awesome ping-pong. Our company mascot is Finn, a King Charles Cavalier, who attends all of our board room meetings without exception.

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  • Good afternoon. Wonderful article. I completely agree with you. I also think that ecology needs to be paid more attention. The first stage is the choice of the construction site. The most favorable site is a flat area with a close source of water, open to sunlight and wind. If the region often blows northern winds, if possible, the northern part of the house should be protected. Another definition of the nuances of building an eco-house. An important role is played by the insulation of the house – the more efficiently the natural protection system is arranged, the less energy will be used for heating. I think this is important. Thanks you!

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