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Vía Verde Prepares to go International with its High-Tech Vertical Gardens

on July 29, 2019 at 7:16 pm under , ,
Photo: Milenio

Four years ago, architect Fernando Ortiz Monasterio collected more than 85,000 signatures in support of his company’s proposal to install vertical gardens on the columns that support the elevated section of Anillo Periférico, the capital’s outer ring road.

Architect Fernando Ortiz Monasterio

The Mexico City government agreed to the project – called Vía Verde (Green Way) – and today the commute of motorists who use the road is far less gray than it would otherwise be.

“We’ve been invited to replicate this technology not just in Mexico but also in other countries like the United States and some [nations] in South America, Europe and Asia,” Ortiz told the newspaper Milenio.

The Architect Fernando Ortiz Monasterio is the Founder & CEO of VERDEVERTICAL, a leading company of vertical gardens and farms in Latin America and Mexico.

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