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The Next Big Thing in Technology is a Really Old Thing: The Living Plant!

on October 25, 2018 at 10:05 am under , ,

Green Plants for Green Buildings gets their point across with perfect writing and comedic timing. Cleverly designed, the build up is awesome, and the video is so tongue-in-cheek it should win a Clio Award, even for a made-up product.
Linda S. Velazquez,
Founder/Publisher of

Check out this great video from the nonprofit Green Plants for Green Buildings, an organization with the purpose of communicating the aesthetic, well-being, and economic benefits of nature in the built environment.

It’s a humorous spoof on tech product launches in a TED Talk-like setting. But here in the “TIMTALKS2025” the speaker, Ira Greenwall, launches the brand new product LIVINGPLANT™: Introducing Nature’s Game Changing Technology for the Modern Workplace to great fanfare.

In this fantastic Part 1, the viewer is set up to experience a new revolution in hi-tech office products. You are immersed in the audience, listening to the speaker on stage who is promising a powerful and ahead of its time invention that has no cords and is wireless.

You can learn more about Jim Mumford’s company “Good Earth Plant Company” in our Directory, an online directory used to locate and source green roof professionals and companies.

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