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Skyland USA Announces It Now Offers the Only Complete Soil System for Rooftop Trees in the Industry

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Landenberg, PA, (June 1, 2017) – Skyland USA today announced that it is the only green roof media company in the industry to offer an innovative, complete soil system for rooftop trees to thrive on green roofs.

Consisting of four rooflite soil products, the rooftop trees soil system provides the full depth of required media for this special category of deep intensive systems. It mimics natural soil profiles with different horizons, allowing the top layer to be installed directly on top of the base layer without a separation fabric. It also provides the right mix of aeration and organic matter for the deeper root zone.

This innovative rooftop trees soil system is significant because it allows rooflite to offer its high-quality products for one of the more difficult types of green roof installations. According to Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA, “Rooftop trees are a critical part of dynamic green roof design, but they can be tricky because of all the different considerations necessary to successfully install them. Fortunately, we’re created a one-of-a-kind, reliable solution in one area – green roof media – with our rooftop trees soil system, developed to ensure trees thrive and have a long life on green roofs. Our soil system eliminates a lot of the risk of tree installations and protects the investment put into the green roof.”

So how does rooflite ensure that trees will thrive in its rooftop trees soil system? It uses a sophisticated, proprietary process to produce its products. This process includes a rigorous Quality Assurance Program to make sure that every bit of rooflite soil it produces and delivers meets its high standards and the high expectations from its customers. With a proprietary mix for each product included in the rooftop trees soil system, rooflite can guarantee that every batch of the soil system produced is consistent and high-quality.

The company is also committed to making it as easy as possible for landscape architects and installers to easily specify its soil system for rooftop trees. It now offers ready-made specifications for its rooftop trees soil system – and all its other systems and products – on its web site, available for download at any time.

“As the only company offering a complete soil system for rooftop trees, we think it’s important to give the industry the right tools to understand our soil systems and our products,” said DiNorscia. “Making the rooftop trees soil system specification readily available on our web site is an effort to make the specification process simple and painless.”

Since its founding in 2005, rooflite has provided its rooftop trees soil system for more than 250 projects with trees in the Americas. With a proven track record of success, the green roof industry can rely on the rooflite soil system for rooftop trees.

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Skyland USA produces rooflite®, the highest quality green roof media, and offers a full line of lightweight, growing media products, meticulously engineered for a diverse range of green roof applications. With more than 20 strategically located blending locations within the Americas, the rooflite network provides unparalleled expertise in job site logistics and order fulfillment, along with vast technical knowledge and experience. Dedicated to exceptional customer service, rooflite provides a variety of packaging and delivery options, cost-effective, just-in-time logistics, and continuous monitoring of your project through completion.

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