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See Keynote Patrick Blanc’s Trailer at the Virtual Summit 2017

on April 11, 2017 at 1:17 pm under

Are you pondering whether to sign up for the Virtual Summit 2017? See this Keynote Trailer for inspiration and to tempt your decision-making!

Watch Keynote Patrick Blanc’s Trailer

Exuberant Plant Lover & Designer

I just love the passionate research botanist: Unique and savvy world traveler, with an exuberant flair for plants and life, and creator of gorgeous living tapestries!

Learn more about Patrick and his Keynote: “Field Trip with Patrick Blanc in West Sumatra.”

See Keynote Patrick Blanc's Trailer Virtual Summit 2017

Patrick Blanc at the base of a seeping rock covered by Xyris grandis and an almost monocaulous shrubby Phyllagathis species related to the Malayan P. tuberculata, in Harau Valley, West Sumatra. Photo Copyright Pascal Heni.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a world traveler, it’s probably unlikely you’ll get to see international expert designers and leaders in our industry all in one spot on Earth – so join us at the Virtual Summit!

Register, Watch, and Connect

Register and then watch our wonderful keynotes, speakers, and panelists to connect at our 2017 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit: Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture ~ People, Projects & Design.

By Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher & Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit Host

Register now and join us online for our 2017 Virtual Summit with live events over the Long Earth Day Weekend: April 21, 22, & 23 – and through December, 2017!

See Keynote Patrick Blanc's Trailer Virtual Summit 2017


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