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Only Two Days to Register for the World Green Infrastructure Congress, Bogota 2016 with the Last Early Bird Discount, By Andrés Ibáñez

on September 20, 2016 at 2:24 pm under

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

There are still two days left to register for the World Green Infrastructure Congress 2016 in Bogotá with the last early bird discount.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Presented by the Colombian Network of Green Infrastructure RECIVE (Red Colombiana de Infraestructura Vegetada) alongside the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), the World Green Infrastructure Congress 2016 is pleased to welcome overseas experts and institutions and honor them with the best infrastructure, warm people, economic opportunities, and cultural richness of one of the leading hubs in Latin America.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

The latest green infrastructure projects, the most advanced research, and key world leaders will be found all together from October 19 – 21, 2016 in the “Most Biodiverse Country Per Square Meter in the World”: Colombia.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Colombia is considered a diverse country given its culture, geography, and rich history making it a unique and genuine travel destination.  Traveling here can be an experience, like straight out of a novel.  You will be captivated and dazzled by the contrast of its colonial architecture and modern cities.

10 Reasons to Come to Colombia and Bogotá:

  • Colombia is the most biodiverse country per square meter.
  • Colombia is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world.
  • Bogotá’s got the perfect weather all year round.
  • Bogotá’s got the fastest growing market of green infrastructure in Latin America.
  • Colombia is one of the CIVETS (Countries with an economic prospect after BRICS).
  • Colombian culture captures the best from Europe, Africa and America.
  • Bogotá is one of the C40 Sustainable cities.
  • Bogota’s surroundings have the largest Paramo ecosystems in the world (unique highlands in the tropics).
  • The Congress will take place in Connecta, a redevelopment with green buildings and landscapes.
  • Everyone in Colombia knows how to dance.
Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

CONNECTA is the new convention center, a 250,000 m2 green city within the megacity of Bogotá.

Plus, only five hours away from New York City on a direct flight or five hours away from Buenos Aires makes Bogotá the most accessible destination for the WGIN World Congress.

Bogotá’s Connectivity in Facts:

• More than 600 weekly international direct flights.
• Direct connection to more than 25 countries.
• 23 airline flights to Bogotá.
• A brand new airport: El Dorado.

El Dorado International Airport is Colombia’s main connection center for domestic and international flights. This airport received 68.3% of the total of foreign visitors arriving to the country in 2012. It is followed by the Medellin and Cartagena airports, with 7.2% and 5.6%, respectively.

Book Discounted Flights and Accommodations:

Register for the Congress to find great deals in accommodation and flights.  Upon registration, e-mail our travel agency CONTACTOS for a promotional code to book discounted flights with AVIANCA.  CONTACTOS will also help you process discounted accommodation at A-LOFT, the official hotel located steps away from the Congress venue.  Tell CONTACTOS about your travel plans in Bogotá and other towns in Colombia for a seamless visiting experience.


THE-NEXT-GREEN Awards Extended to September 22, 2016:

You still have a couple of days to enter your outstanding projects in our awards program:

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Each of the four tracks has two categories:

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

One Central Park by Jean Nouvel, Patrick Blanc – who is one of the WGIC 2016 Keynotes – plus many more.

Global: Projects and authors from all countries except Latin American. Submission information must be in English.
Latin America: Projects and authors from Latin America. Submission information may be in English or Spanish.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Santalaia in Bogotá by Exacta Proyecto Total, Groncol, Paisajismo Urbano & more

We welcome your entries!

Last Discounted Registration and Tour Rates:

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

About RECIVE (Red Colombiana de Infraestructura Vegetada), the Colombian Network of Green Infrastructure

RECIVE is a group of professionals and organizations dedicated to the promotion of green roofs, vertical gardens and any other form of Green Infrastructure in Colombia. We believe these solutions are one of the most important initiatives to be made by cities to actually be able to have sustainable and livable cities in the future.  We are working alongside WGIN and a series of experts from over 25 countries.  Our purpose is to promote the development of Vegetated infrastructure in Colombia as a responsible practice that will make city environment and well being a lot better.  We are working on a sustainable market with viable and durable technologies.  Our multidisciplinary group of experts is constantly working on promotion, education, technical assistance, research and development, evaluation, certification and project registry.

Since 2010, our co-founders have actively participated in WGIN activities in the United States, China, Singapore, Mexico, France and Australia.  This experience has let us found and create our association whilst developing technical knowledge, and promoting the installation of over 100,000 M2 of green roofs and green walls in Colombia.  Our co-founders and members have constantly worked on research and development in Colombia since 2006.  This let us have the knowledge and criteria to develop the Technical Green Roof Guide for the city of Bogotá alongside the city’s environmental authorities.  This is a guide that has been designed for Bogotá’s specific weather and environmental conditions, thinking also about the multiple technological systems available.  It was necessary to involve academics, technicians, private and public sector to be able to materialize the final document.  Its success has not only been important for Colombia, but it has also been presented in the book “Green Cities of the World,” as well as several international events sun as the WGIC in Nantes in 2013.

More World Green Infrastructure Congress 2016 Info:

Read the 34-page brochure “Bogotá: The Next Green City” which includes Milestones of Green Infrastructure, Colombia: The Rebirth of a Country, Colombia is Magical RealismTop 10 Places to Visit in Bogotá – plus much more information.

And visit the Congress website to learn all about the wonderful experiences open to you in October.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

We look forward to seeing you in Bogotá, and Bogotá and RECIVE welcome you all!

~ Andrés Ibáñez G.

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez

Andrés Ibáñez G. is the founder of the WGIC2016 Organizing Committee, founder and director of the technical and scientific committee RECIVE, professor at the National University of Colombia, and board member of the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN).

Andrés has led more than 40 design-built projects for clients in Colombia and the United States, and has worked as green building consultant in Colombia and Hong Kong. He holds a Master in building and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Hong Kong. As a researcher in Colombia, Hong Kong, and Germany, he has written several papers for scientific journals and has pioneered eco-productive architecture research. He has been lecturer and T.A. in National University of Colombia, the University of Hong Kong, and Universidad Piloto de Colombia. He has been a speaker in seminars and conferences in the United States, France, Australia, Singapore, México, Peru, Hong Kong, China, and Colombia. He is currently a teacher in the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the National University of Colombia, director of a green infrastructure firm, board member of WGIN, chair of the technical committee of RECIVE, and researcher on eco-productive architecture. He is coauthor of the green roof technical guidelines of the city of Bogota, Secretary of Environment, 2011.

He received the Green Talents Award, German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Germany, 2011-2012; and the Humboldt Climate Protection Fellowship 2014. As a doctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong he has investigated buildings delivering environmental services in urban environments and methods to assess building eco-productivity using a multi-scalar approach.

Contact Andrés at: and
Phone: +57 1 6916757
Fax: +57 1 218157
WGIC2016 Organizing Committee: Calle 42 No. 8a-80 of 1301, Bogotá, Colombia; Tel: +57 3185380706

Register World Green Infrastructure Congress Bogota 2016 Andrés Ibáñez


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