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Greenroof & Greenwall Directory Company of the Week for September 5, 2014: Roofmeadow

on September 8, 2014 at 2:11 pm under

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 Roofmeadow has remained at the forefront of the North American green roof industry since 1997. Through innovative design and smart stewardship the firm continues to create inspiring roofscapes that use water wisely and grow plants reliably.

roofmeadow-logoRoofmeadow is an award winning green roof provider that has remained at the forefront of the North American green roof industry since 1997. With in-house civil engineers, landscape architects, horticulturists, construction specialists, and the nation’s leading rooftop agriculture specialist, Roofmeadow provides green roof life cycle accountability focused on long-term performance. Roofmeadow’s portfolio includes over 3 million square feet of built green roofs, including over 70 that are larger than 10,000 square feet. Signature projects include the Chicago City Hall, Nashville Music City Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania, and Hanover Architectural Products Headquarters.

Roofmeadow’s success depends upon its ability to deliver landscapes on structure that are engineered to endure, proven to perform, and guaranteed to last. With a rigorous Materials Certification Program, a national network of Roofmeadow-certified green roof installers, and long-term system warranties, Roofmeadow ensures that each project is built with the utmost quality control. All Roofmeadow construction documents comply with the German FLL Guidelines and ASTM testing methodologies and are founded on evidenced-based research and field analyses.

The company’s pioneering designs and construction practices continue to raise the bar for the North American green infrastructure industry. Current projects incorporate garden exhibits, community agriculture, demonstration pollinator habitats, dramatic terrain, and blue-green roofs that contain rainwater and provide plants with controlled water flows. Their newest technology introduction is a cutting-edge self-ballasted fall protection system that can quickly be installed for ongoing maintenance and stewardship.

All Roofmeadow design techniques are either field tested or modeled on scientific principles. Roofmeadow works closely with owners, contractors, and maintenance crews to monitor and document each green roof’s long-term performance and appearance. Roofmeadow’s strategic stewardship program allows Roofmeadow green roofs to thrive and foster ecological benefits for decades.


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