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Ad: American Hydrotech


Continuing to improve the quality of the information in our Greenroof & Greenwall Directory, we have taken the following steps:

  • We have updated the look & feel of the Company Profile (formerly known as the Color Brochure) for all the companies listed in the Directory.  This feature is available at the Sponsor, Elite, and Premium levels.

  • Once these listings are updated or confirmed to be correct, we add them to the pending queue for our exciting new feature - an upcoming Company of the Week selection. Similar to our very popular Greenroof & Greenwall Project of the Week series spotlighted every Monday, we now highlight a Company of the Week every Friday. This feature is prominently published on our Homepage and sent to all our 10,000+ opt-in subscribers as well as posted on all our social media sites.

  • We also create a short video (up to about 2:00 min., depending on listing level), like the ones on the right, of each firm listed in the Directory (not available to Standard listings) which is included inside each company profile. For additional exposure, these videos also play on various playlists in our GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube.

  • In addition to the above mentioned video, we’ve added the following to each unique Company Profile:

    1. Share this” button – allows the viewer an easy way to share it with anyone in their Social Media networks.

    2. Social Media” button – connects viewer to your specific social media sites.

    3. Projects Database link – easy connection to our Projects Database to search for your projects.

    4. Press Releases link - direct connection to your latest press releases in our “Advertiser Press Releases” page.

  • To see an example of what a “New & Improved” Company Profile looks like, click here:

To be fair, we started alphabetically from our highest level of advertising, the Sponsors, followed by our Elite advertisers and then Premium advertisers.  Read about the first Company of the Week on the Sky Gardens Blog.


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