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Each week you can expect to learn What’s New here on through our “This Week in Review” video.  Here is the transcript from June 8,  2012 from our daughter, Anjuli – click on the photo below to see the video, or here.  Enjoy!

– Hello, I’m Anjuli Velázquez and welcome to “This Week in Review” for June 8th,  2012 on GreenroofsTV.

Project of the Week

–  Our project of the week is the  Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House, built in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. This popular seafood and raw bar has two locations in Atlanta, one in Grant Park and the other in Westside. The Westside location boasts a lush plant storefront, but the main curb appeal is their small custom-designed green roof pavilion structure in front of the restaurant where patrons can sit and relax. Also, you can go upstairs to the roof patio/bar and catch the terrific views of the city from above the green roof. The airy wood deck has a long bar and ample umbrella-covered seating, and the long colorfully planted flower box with shrubs and vines surrounding the deck provides beautiful blooms, and a peek over the edge reveals the pitched greenroof, colorful in various seasons.

Owner Tad Mitchell was intrigued by green roofs, and wanted to create an appealing cool space for his customers while outside. The restaurant is doing its part to reduce their carbon footprint; for example, the windmill at their Westside location reduces the amount of greenhouse gas electricity that they use and helps to feed the power grid. In addition, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House: recycles compostables, paper and cardboard as possible; uses and maintains energy-efficient equipment; uses compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent or LED lighting; powers up & powers down; does not use plastic water and soda bottles; uses takeout packaging to include corn starch to-go cups, takeaway utensils made from potato starch and recyclable paperboard takeout containers; and uses only recycled paper.

– To learn more about the Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House,  click on our project of the week photo on our homepage (or on the above photos).

What’s New

Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 Video

– Watch our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011  Episode #26: “Keynote Address Right Plant, Right Place”  by  Ed Snodgrass.

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–  Apex Green Roofs is looking to fill a Maintenance Position in Somerville, MA.

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– “Upcoming Events“

– June 10th: is the Deadline for the “Show Off Your Green Thumb In The PHS City Gardens” Contest, in Philadelphia, PA.

– “In the News“

–  James West and Tim McDonnell of The Atlantic Cities, take us on “An Interactive Journey Through New York’s Roofscape Makeover.”  Green roofs and reflective roofs are becoming more popular in New York City since the 2008 city rule that requires new roofs to be more environmentally-friendly.  Also, NYC is making it easier for solar panel installers to help their rooftops to become a bigger and better energy provider.

Climate Desk, a journalistic collaboration with The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Slate, and others went to the city’s rooftops to see first-hand how the roofscape of New York is adapting to our changing climate.  Click on each image “go GREEN” for greenroofs, “go SOLAR” for solar panels and “go WHITE” for reflective roofs to watch videos about what they saw.

–  Zoe Settle of the Huffington Post Blog, talks about “A Yacht With A Conscience.” Swiss designers Milena Cvijanovich and Denis Muller of MCM Design Studio have come up with a sexy sustainable luxury mega-yacht.  Island(E)motion will have a green roof, solar panels, wind turbines and a rainwater collector.  Cvijanovich is the daughter of Dr. George B. Cvijanovich, the inventor of one of the first solar panels, and she’s made environmental awareness and sustainability key components in her design.

Island(E)motion features over 700,000 square meters of flexible photovoltaic solar panels on the flat roofs, which will supply enough energy to cover basic electricity. Thermal panels provide hot water and small wind turbines will run the rest of the electrical needs with bio-diesel electric backup generators on hand.  The recycled-steel hull was designed to reduce fuel consumption, a brand-new propeller system captures the best of hydrogen and LNG fuel cell technology and, it also boasts rainwater storage and grey and black water reuse.  Also, the MCM team planned for the traditional yachting needs, including a helipad, massage rooms, a sandy beach and a dining room that seats 24.

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– This has been This Week in Review for June 8th,  2012 on GreenroofsTV.  I’m Anjuli Velázquez and I’ll see you next week!

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