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Learn about Green Paks and Green Roof Blocks in The Greenroof Directory here, and for more info, please visit their website.

St. Louis based Green Roof Blocks?, makers of portable green roof systems, installed its green roof product on a condominium Pet Park in Orlando, Florida, in June, 2007. The project, titled [email protected] Eola was designed for Turner Construction and roofing contractors Perry Roofing. The project was Green Roof Blocks first in Florida and required 336 Green Roof Blocks and 160 Green Paks. Green Roof Blocks are self-contained portable units that cover 4 to 5.2 square feet of roof surface and contain a growth medium with drought resistant plants. Similar to Green Roof Blocks, Green Paks are portable knitted polyethylene green roof modules, pre-filled with lightweight soil engineered specifically for the Florida climate.

?What is most interesting about this project is that the 11 ft x 55 ft area is to be used as a ?Pet Park? for the tenants to walk their dogs,? says Kelly Luckett, president of Green Roof Blocks. ?This is the first time a green roof has been constructed to be used as a pet potty!?The project required a hardy grass to withstand the canine chemicals and an irrigation system to rid the green roof of waste. As a result, Green Roof Blocks is now working on similar green roof systems to be marketed to apartment and condominium owners.


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