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Read Tim’s website that has links to his published research at the University of Georgia. His dissertation, some published articles, and two other master’s students theses on green roofs are posted there. Tim says, “Probably the easiest way to see the results of UGA’s research site.” See the University of Georgia Test Plot #2 project profile. For more information about this project, please contact Tim Carter at [email protected] the following newslink: Growing trend: ‘Green’ idea taking root, OnlineAthens, by Lee Shearer, October 3, 2003.

Completed in October, 2003, the experimental 500 square foot greenroof atop the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center at the University of Georgia (UGA) is led by Ph.D. student Tim Carter and is scheduled to last at least three years – long enough to demonstrate to UGA officials its stormwater-handling potential.The greenroof idea grew out of an effort to restore Tanyard Branch, a highly degraded stream that runs through the middle of the UGA campus in Athens, GA. Students and faculty working on the effort have proposed greenroofs as one mitigation tool to help restore the stream to health.The roof was installed September 30 – October 1 2003 with assistance from the Office of the University Architect and UGA Physical Plant, as well as faculty, staff and students of the Institute of Ecology. It was planted in various Sedum species that are drought-tolerant and can thrive in the harsh conditions of a rooftop. A lightweight, engineered growing medium enabled roofs to be retrofitted with this vegetative cover. The roof will be studied for its ability to retain stormwater as part of a larger urban watershed remediation project.

Tim received funding from the Georgia Forestry Commission, and American Hydrotech, Saul Nurseries, It’Saul Natural and Carolina Stalite donated materials as did the local Home Depot. A second test plot was installed in 2004 (see below).Tim Carter received his Ph.D. at The Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia in the Fall of 2006, focusing on using greenroofs as part of GIS modeling for examining remediation of urban watersheds.


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