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For information about William McDonough + Partners, please visit their website at:


View the exclusive online video interview with William McDonough.


November 13, 2006 Tower of tomorrow in selected the conceptual “Tower of Tomorrow” as our #1 project in our 2007 Hot Top Ten Greenroof Design Trends! McDonough + Partners says this building of the future will not just sit on a lot – it will breath, sleep, and wake up in the morning. And it will be beautiful: Fortune’s Tower of Tomorrow prototype is designed for complete sustainability and healthy living, and greenroofs and living walls, among numerous other features, are included.

The Fall 2006 Newsletter from William McDonough + Partners Community Architecture and Community Design informs us about this fascinating, visionary project under the headline: WM+P Designs Fortune’s “Tower of Tomorrow.””Working from the premise that a building can lend a positive, productive presence to its surroundings, WM+P just completed a pop-quiz assignment from Fortune: design the building of the future. The results of our intensive team effort — the integrated state-of-the-shelf urban tower (above), which the editors dubbed the “Tower of Tomorrow.”

In the November 13, 2006 issue William McDonough shares his vision:

“When Fortune invited my design firm, which specializes in sustainable architecture, to share our vision of a building of the future, we decided not to guess about conditions decades or centuries away. Instead, we looked at the possibilities that exist now…In the pages that follow, we have configured a structure that is not just kind to nature; it actually imitates nature. Imagine a building that makes oxygen, distills water, produces energy, changes with the seasons?and is beautiful. In effect, that building is like a tree, standing in a city that is like a forest…”


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