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Additional Resources

To learn more about this project, visit Bere Architects:, and check out their blog specific to The Muse here.

“The Bere family home is an energy-efficient solar house in Newington Green in the London Borough of Islington in London. It aims to set a standard for future housing. Bere’s primary design objective is to define the language of architecture by interpreting the ecological imperatives of the 21st century designed towards Passivhaus standards, this home combines socially responsible strategies with beautiful forms,” bere:architects).

While attending the World Green Roof Congress in 2008, Dusty Gedge of hosted a greenroof tour of London, and Aramis and Linda Velazquez of attended. Justin Bere’s beautiful, ecologically designed home and the architectural office of bere:architects was included, and we were able to visit the three greenroofs designed for biodiversity on site.


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