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Additional Resources

For additional information about the Rotterdam Public Library project, please contact Carola Vonk, Marketing & Communication, Nophadrain BV at: [email protected]; T: +31 (0) 45 535 50 30; F: +31 (0) 45 535 39 30; or visit:

The Rotterdam Public Library is accessible only by appointment, and has spectacular signage about the greenroof located here. Project details for the Rotterdam Public Library include Installation: Nebiprofa BV in cooperation with Cazdak Dakbedekkingen BV; Type of roof deck: extensive green roof; Realisation green roof: Cazdak Dakbedekkingen BV; Year of installation: 2008 Roof Surface: 200 m2

Products used: ND 4+1 Drainage CompositeND DGS-E Growing Medium ExtensiveND Sedum MatsND GreenLiner 45DK Edge Retaining Profile ND RS VarioBasic Inspection ChamberType of Roof: Warm RoofWaterproofing: single-layered bituminous, root resistantFalls: yes


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