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Conceived as a ?Campus in the Park,? the Republic Polytechnic is a landmark building for sustainable design in Singapore. Awarded the Singapore Building and Construction Authority?s Green Mark Platinum Award in 2006, it was designed to work with the natural topography and landscaped to blend into the existing surrounding greenery. Existing trees were replanted wherever possible and the original green space displaced by the campus? footprint was replaced by a sprawling green Lawn. At the centre of the 20 hectare campus is a large continuous, multi-tiered community space called the Agora. Within the Agora, educational spaces, such as the library, together with social and interactive spaces encourage interaction between students and the public. The sloping typography above is reflected in a green roof that also serves as an outdoor park. Organised around the Agora, 11 carefully placed ?learning pods? permit problem-based learning as opposed to conventional instruction-based teaching methods, by extending the physical learning space beyond the confines of classrooms.

The plan orientation of the campus allows buildings to take advantage of daylight and thermal efficiency. Other sustainable features include the use of high ceilings and full-height glass panel windows that allow daylight to flood the indoor spaces, reducing lighting requirements in the day. Shading devices unique to each fa?ade also redirect light deep into the internal volume while reducing direct glare. More than 25,000 square metres of green roof, together with a series of courtyards, lawns, and green plazas composed along the main walkways, provide visual and spatial relief within the campus. The polytechnic is among the first few projects in the region to use a thermal energy storage system. Other green features include multiple ventilation modes for the sports hall, the use of photovoltaic solar energy panels for general lighting and power, and a pneumatic waste conveyance system. During construction, low VOC paints and recycled construction materials were also used wherever possible. On being conferred the President?s Design Award, Mr Fumihiko Maki, the principal architect, says, ?Given my 50 years of acquaintance with Singapore, receiving this recognition is one of the highlights of my professional career.?

To provide turf stabilization along walkways capable of being subjected to high student traffic flow from the 12,000 strong student population of the Polytechnic: TurfPave? positioned onto compacted sand over a sub-soil drainage cell base layer and infilled with planting media provides a stable and firm substrate for turf establishment. The installed walkways are green and aesthetically pleasing and can withstand constant daily pedestrian traffic. Rainwater infiltrates into the compacted base below and discharged via the drainage cell layer as opposed to impermeable walkways that result in run-off and associated management problems.

To provide waterproofing membrane protection and efficient sub-soil drainage under the landscaped roof areas on the 20ha site of the campus: VersiCell? lightweight interlocking sub-surface drainage modules, positioned over the waterproofing membrane, offers immediate protection for the membrane whilst other on-site installation works were carried out. High compressive strength of the modules made it possible for light machinery to be placed on top without risk of damaging the waterproofing membrane below. Geotextile filter fabric was installed over the sub-surface drainage modules and planting soil infilled on top. The drainage cells provide the bottom cavity under the planted areas to efficiently discharge excess water and prevent water-logging on the landscape roof.

To provide general waterproofing and root-resistant waterproofing membrane for landscape roof areas of the Polytechnic: Evalon is a pre-formed homogeneous thermoplastic EVA/PVC terpolymer waterproofing sheet membrane. It is vapour permeable and is thus suitable for use in the tropics. It is not subject to plasticizer migration even with prolonged exposure to ultra-violet radiation and weathering. Lap joints are homogeneous and maintain the same strength as the membrane. Evalon is tested to stringent German FLL Standards for root-resistance for use on roof gardens.

To provide general wet area waterproofing: Fleximent 201 is a two-component, flexible cementitious waterproof coating comprising of a proprietary synthetic resin and a blend of selected cement mixed with fillers. Once cured, the membrane allows entrapped water vapour to escape but yet remain impermeable to water.


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