Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Constructed from 2008 through 2013, the Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology of the University of Pennsylvania is a premier $91.5 million research and teaching laboratory facility that integrates state-of-the-art nanotechnology equipment. The 78,000-gross-square-foot facility houses several multi-user experimental laboratories critical to advanced research and development in nanotechnology.

The newly-opened Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology demonstrates the University of Pennsylvania’s leadership in the emerging field of nanotechnology. Nanoscale research is at the core of cutting-edge breakthroughs that transcend disciplinary boundaries of engineering, medicine, and the sciences. The new Center for Nanotechnology contains a rigorous collection of advanced labs, woven together by collaborative public spaces that enable interaction between different fields. The University’s first cross disciplinary building, the Singh Center encourages the exchange and integration of knowledge that characterizes the study of this emerging field and combines the resources of both engineering and the sciences.

“In addition to the laboratory spaces, the building features a courtyard, public galleria, a forum space and high-profile conference rooms. The building has achieved a LEED Gold Certification, a “green” building program for energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. These efforts include a “green roof” to capture 90 percent of storm water runoff, the diversion of construction waste from landfills and the optimization of the building’s energy performance to at least 17.5 percent beyond industry requirements,” (Singh Center for Nanotechnology).