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See the architect’s -Llewelyn Davies Yeang – profile for this project on their website here.

Architects’ Llewelyn Davies Yeang, see below, says of the project, “Our proposal for Eco-Bay is based on the idea of a ?green oasis of ecological living.? This oasis is conceived as a network of passively-cooled gardens and public spaces beginning with a large plaza at ground level, which then winds its way up to the sky as a series of pocket gardens floating within each of the five towers.

Given the basic premise that for many months of the year Abu Dhabi is too hot for prolonged outdoor activity, we have proposed an environment, which is adaptable to the range of local climatic conditions. Whereas most mixed-use development are based on two standard typologies ? either that of storefronts accessed directly from the street, or of enclosed climate-controlled shopping malls ? we have created a third option suitable for the climatic and urban conditions of Abu Dhabi, consisting of a semi-enclosed and passively-cooled pedestrian street and courtyard atrium around which the various programs and buildings are organised.”


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