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The Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse is located at 520 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO. Visit the Denver Justice Center’s Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse Sustainability” page. Learn about Sempergreen and American Hydrotech in The Greenroof Directory.

The Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse completes the Denver Justice Center Campus, and the five-story, 310,000-square-foot building houses 29 courtrooms and is scoped to include six additional courtrooms to accommodate future growth. The building also provides space for district attorneys, city attorneys, clerks of the court, public defenders, probation offices, jury assembly, jury commissioner and temporary inmate holding for both adults and juveniles.

“The Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse was designed to attain a LEED green building certification. The courthouse?s design incorporated the use of Forrest Stewardship Council certified wood, low-Volatile Organic Compounds emitting materials, recycled materials, water-efficient landscaping, construction waste management and construction activity pollution prevention.

“Sustainability standards include two ?green? roofs, indoor air quality performance, lighting and thermal comfort control, natural ventilation of the atrium with operable chamber windows, water-use reduction, energy performance and storage and collection of recyclables. The building also will offer bicycle storage and access to public transportation,” (Denver Justice Center website, see below).

At the Denver Justice Center, the larger garden roof covers a one-story extension of the Lindsey-Flanigan courthouse that connects it with the new jail. This roof is viewable from inside the courthouse. There also is a smaller garden terrace atop the five-story courthouse, which is accessible to the public.


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