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Knauf Insulation, as one of the leading and fastest growing manufacturers of mineral wool products, has introduced the new, complete and easy to install Urbanscape® Green Roof System.

Building on over 30 years of expertise in energy efficiency and more than 15 years experience in horticulture industry, Knauf Insulation is focused on providing a comprehensive range of solutions for residential and non-residential buildings, industrial customers and various urban green infrastructure applications.

One of the main advantages of our new Urbanscape Green Roof system is a unique Urbanscape Green Roll / Hydro Blanket – a lightweight, multipurpose growing layer made of long rock mineral wool fibers specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. Urbanscape Green Roll / Hydro Blanket ensures excellent water retention and conservation, and provides good aeration as well as improved absorption of plant nutrients dissolved in the water.

The Urbanscape Green Roof system was designed for all types of roof construction, including lightweight constructions – for residential, non-residential and industrial buildings.

Our Green Solutions team has done extensive research of different types of Urbanscape Green Roof Systems, focusing on storm-water management, energy efficiency, heat accumulation and environmental benefits. With special Urbanscape Green Roof Performance Evaluation Tool we are now able to assess the real performance of the defined Green Roof System in all major world climate zones.

For more information please contact our green roof experts on [email protected]