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GROW IT EVERYWHERE with a pPod® by Ponix MicroAg!

The pPod® is the ideal miniature greenhouse for growing a wide variety of herbs and vegetables in any location.

The pPod® is specially designed to protect plants from storms, pests, or freezing (with an optional heat mat).

Extend your planting season with a pPod®. Start seeds earlier, give your seedlings a safe, healthy start and continue harvesting long after the first autumn frost.

Grow plants in shaded areas or even indoors with an optional grow light kit.

Reduce water use by protecting plants from drying wind, especially on rooftops and upper-floor terraces.

The pPod® is ideal for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA): sustainably grow high-quality plants year-round, locally without the waste of long-distance shipping and refrigeration.

The pPod® has a rugged all-plastic insulating design with two flexible sliding access panels that also serve to control temperature and air flow. A single pPod has a 24”x 24” base and is 32” tall. The width can be increased as much as you want using pPod Expanders.

pPod® Applications:

  • Urban gardening and Micro-farming on rooftops, terraces, balconies
  • Schools: Teaching students about growing plants in a controlled environment
  • Senior Centers and Hospitals: Therapeutic gardening
  • Restaurants: Garden to Plate, proprietary herbs, leafy greens
  • Community Gardens: Controlled environment for seedlings, propagation, and fragile plants
  • Stores and garden centers: Sell small and fragile plants in a protected environment


pPods are made entirely in the U.S.A. by a small business.