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Each green roof is unique. Notwithstanding similar designs, many variables result in the reality that no one green roof specification or design is sufficient to guarantee a successful project.

The most successful projects are implemented as a design/build contract with an experienced green roof team. This is the kind of team Good Earth Plant Company can assemble for you.

Design/build installations typically cost about 20 percent LESS than arrangements in which design and installation are packaged and bid separately.

Additionally, if the project area is sizable and the design is not complex, Good Earth Plant Company simply includes a modest design support fee in the installation price. No separate design consulting package is required.

Design/build projects also allow for easier integration of design changes without costly change orders. Our design/build package includes:

  • Design consulting
  • Specification of system components
  • Preparation of essential green roof drawings and documents
  • Installation and supervision of the project
  • Good Earth Plant Company’s product warranty