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Higher Ground Farm: Rooftop Farm Manager, Boston, MA, USA

on January 15, 2022 at 11:45 am under , ,

Position: Rooftop Farm Manager
Employer: Higher Ground Farm
Location: Boston, MA, USA

Higher Ground Farm is looking for a Rooftop Farm Manager, Boston Medical Center, Boston MA, USA

About Boston Medical Center

For more than 100 years, Boston Medical Center has been driven by a commitment to care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay, providing not only traditional medical care, but also programs and services that wrap around that care to enhance overall health. All of this supports our mission to provide exceptional care, without exception.

Since 2001, the hospital’s Preventive Food Pantry and The Teaching Kitchen have addressed hunger-related illness and malnutrition for BMC’s  low-income patients.  In 2017, BMC opened its rooftop farm as a complement to the hospital’s efforts to address food insecurity and environmental sustainability. Learn more.

About Higher Ground Farm

Higher Ground Farm works with institutions to design on-site farms and gardens that provide fresh, organic food as well as educational, team building, and community benefit opportunities.  We offer consulting services to ensure that you make the most of your growing space, and farm and garden management services. Our team are experts in sustainability, institutional food service and operations, farm and garden education, beekeeping and agriculture. Learn more.

Position Description

The Boston Medical Center (BMC) Farm Manager will be responsible for all growing activities on the BMC rooftop farm including, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, soil management, and pest management. The farm manager will also be responsible for farm tours and limited educational programs. This position is for an experienced grower with excellent communication skills who can represent the farm to the public and to the media. This farm is highly productive and therefore needs someone with experience in production farming, not gardening. The farm manager will report to the Director of Support Services and work under the guidance of Higher Ground Farm, the managing body for the farm.


  • Produce a crop plan for the farm season in accordance with BMC’s food pantry and food service needs.
  • Utilize organic farming practices, including fertilization and pest management, to grow produce according to BMC’s food pantry and food service needs.
  • Provide regular management of the farm for consistent, quality harvests including seeding, transplanting, harvesting, irrigation, pruning, and pest management.
  • Oversee soil fertility and soil testing.
  • Manage irrigation and fertigation systems and irrigation scheduling.
  • Maintain farm tools and equipment and ensure a clean, safe, and organized space.
  • Dispose of plant and crop refuse responsibly via the on farm composting system Manage interns 2 days a week and a few volunteer groups per month.
  • Maintain records of harvests by item and by weight.
  • Run 1 public evening tour per month throughout the growing season.
  • Run employee and special group farm tours, education and promotional events by request (5-10 per month).
  • Communicate with Support Services, food service and food pantry staff as needed.
  • Participate in monthly meetings with Higher Ground Farm.
  • Participate in Social Media events and postings for BMC upon request.
  • Maintain a BMC email account.

Other potential responsibilities contingent on health and safety related to COVID-19:

  • Run a once a week, 1 hour lunchtime, in-hospital market with produce from the farm
  • Host patients from the teaching kitchen classes on the farm and support them in harvesting produce for their classes


  • All applicants must have at least 2 years of experience managing an organic, production oriented farm.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in organic farming.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in managing:
    • Crop planning
    • Successional planting
    • Pest management
    • Soil fertility
  • Experience working and planning farm or nature-based education programs
  • Experience managing interns and volunteer groups
  • Comfortable talking in front of large groups of youth and adults Not required but beneficial if candidates have a background in:
    • Rooftop farming
    • No till farming
    • Container farming
    • Beekeeping

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift 30-40lbs.
  • Ability to withstand varying and extreme weather conditions (rain, heat, wind)
  • Ability to withstand prolonged periods of kneeling, standing, walking.


Hours: This is a 2/3rds -time position averaged out across the year at 20 hours per week. During the growing season (April-November) the hours vary from  25-45 per week.  In the off season (December-March) the average hours are  2-5 per week .

Wage: Salary $38,000

Benefits: Health care, 401k matching

Please send resume and  cover letter to [email protected]

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