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Furbish: Stewardship Horticulturalist, Baltimore, MD

on August 16, 2019 at 10:10 am under ,

Furbish is hiring a Stewardship Horticulturalist

Position: Stewardship Horticulturalist
Company: Furbish
Location: Baltimore, MD


Furbish specializes in green roofs, green walls, and living systems. With a driving passion for innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability, we provide systems that utilize nature’s processes to create synergy between the built environment and its inhabitants. Furbish is dedicated to maximizing asset value via ecosystem services. Our Stewardship Departments execute the ongoing maintenance for these green systems. We use the term “stewardship” because our approach is to offer oversight of evolving ecology principles rather than strict adherence to original “plans and specs.” We maintain crews from the Baltimore office and from the DC location.

We’re looking for an experienced horticulturalist with a passion for urban ecologies that can assess green roofs and living walls quickly and develop specific strategies to keep them flourishing or address problems to return them to flourishing condition.  This person must be a high-level strategist while willing to get his/her hands dirty on specific jobs.  The position requires a hands-on critical thinker who understands that making all of our living roofs “full coverage” with healthy, resilient ground cover requires a balance between a comprehensive understanding of thin-profile ecologies and the ability to develop out-of-the-box creative strategies and protocols for every roof without sacrificing the company objectives of great customer experience and targeted profit margin.


  • Horticultural experience with living roofs and living walls (preferred) but open to someone with extensive horticultural experience that can be rapidly applied to our specific work.
  • A person highly skilled in critical thinking and creative approaches to applying ecology to urban environmental challenges.
  • Experience in the mid-Atlantic marketplace.
  • A passion for positive work ethic; someone who is energized by significant entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Professional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • College education is expected, but not required. Associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in horticulture, plant sciences, landscape management, or related field.  Proven OTJ experience supersedes formal education.

If you are interested in submitting an application, please visit our Careers page.

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