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 Andrew Grant
Landscape Architect, Principal and Director of Grant Associates

Bath, UK.  Andrew Grant BA (Hons), CMLI, Hon FRIBA, studied Landscape Architecture at Heriot-Watt University/Edinburgh College of Art, 1977-1982.  Andrew formed Grant Associates in 1997 to explore the emerging frontiers of landscape architecture within sustainable development.  His approach is driven by a fascination with creative ecology and the promotion of quality and innovation in project work.  He has built up experience in all scales and types of projects from sub-regional planning to the detailing of the smallest piece of new landscapes.  He is a member of CABE Space and the South West Regional Design Panel.

Andrew presented "Gardens by the Bay, Singapore" as his keynote address.  Gardens by the Bay consists of three distinctive waterfront gardens in the heart of Marina Bay that will define Singapore as the world's premier tropical garden city.  The presentation showed the scope and content of this spectacular 101-hectare project with particular reference to the innovative use of vertical planting and ecological management systems.



Charlie Miller, P.E.
Principal of

Philadelphia, PA, USA. Charlie Miller has 30 years of experience in projects related to civil and environmental engineering.  In 1997, Charlie formed Roofscapes, Inc. (now Roofmeadow) to introduce green roof technology as a new tool for managing stormwater in urban and developing areas in the United States.  He has written four new ASTM standards that are specifically intended for use by the green roof industry, and is currently at work on the new ASTM Standard Guide for Vegetated Green Roof Systems.  Charlie’s firm provides project delivery services, including feasibility studies, design consulting, preparation of construction documentation, construction management, and long-term maintenance and support for green roof installations.  Projects have included the design and installation of the well-known green roof for Chicago’s City Hall.  Roofscapes, Inc. supports and supervises a national network of landscape contractors that specialize in green roof installation.  It also partners with several national roofing manufacturers in order to offer complete green roof assembly packages.  Over 200 green roofs have been installed by Roofmeadow contractors. Consulting services offered by Roofmeadow focus on providing affordable green roof options for controlling stormwater and nurturing green space in cities.

Charlie presented "A New Place" as his keynote address.  After an acquaintance of almost 20 years, Americans may think that they know green roofs.  In fact, there is much left to discover as we colonize the world of the great urban plateau.

 Edmund Snodgrass
Co-owner of Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants

Street, MD, USA.  Edmund Snodgrass started the first green roof nursery in North America and has collaborated on green roof research with colleges and universities.  He is co-owner and president of Emory Knoll Farms Inc.  Ed speaks and lectures widely on green roofs and has presented in England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and the US.  In 2009, Ed was the recipient of the Spencer P. Ellis award from the Maryland Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects and is the 2011 recipient of the G.B. Gunlogson Award from the American Horticultural Society.  Ed is the co-author of Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living, 2011; The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening, 2011; The Green Roof Manual: A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance, 2010; and Green Roof Plants, A Planting and Resource Guide, 2006.

is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2004): the Plant Editor where he answers reader questions, writes occasional articles, and features seasonal greenroof plants in "Ask Ed."

Ed presented "Right Plant, Right Place" as his keynote address.  This axiom often used for landscape design is no less true on green roofs. This talk will explore some of the ways plants are used on green roofs to perform ecosystem services.


 Ralph Velasquez
Executive Director of Sustainability, Tremco

Nashville, TN, USA.  Ralph Velasquez has been in the roofing business since 1978, with a focus on vegetative (green) roofs and sustainable focused building technologies over the last decade.  In 2006, Ralph established the Sustainable Technologies Group for the Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Division, part of the RPM Building Solutions Group in Beachwood, OH.  This group is focused on sustainable, water, energy and carbon solutions in the built environment.  In 2010, Ralph was promoted to the newly created corporate position: Executive Director for Sustainability.  In this role he is responsible for implementing the corporate-wide vision and policies related to sustainability.  He is author of the article "Sustainable Roof Options and Guidelines for Existing Buildings" in the Urban Land Institute book Retrofitting Office Buildings to be Green and Energy Efficient, 2009.

Ralph has been a long standing editorial contributor to Greenroofs.com as The Sustainable Roofing Technologies Editor (2005-2010) and prior to that as "The ASTM Editor."  He remains a guest columnist with "Perspectives from the Green Boardroom."

Ralph presented "CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility - The Who, What, Where, When and How" as his keynote address. He gives the participant an overview on what is Corporate Social Responsibility, who should implement it, where is it appropriate, when should a company launch this approach and how could they go about getting started. A case study was highlighted utilizing these fundamental journalistic principles, with a focus on lessons learned. Whether the participant was a large corporation or a small business, this presentation assisted you in getting your hands around this rapidly growing aspect of a responsible 21st century business. 

 Rosemarie S. Andolino

Chicago, IL, USA.  Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner (CDA) Rosemarie S. Andolino is responsible for the management and operation of one of the world’s largest and busiest airport systems, comprised of O’Hare and Midway International airports. She is also charged with implementing the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP), which is reconfiguring O’Hare’s intersecting runways into a modern, parallel layout allowing for reduced delays and increased capacity well into the future.

Andolino’s leadership has brought the CDA to the forefront of airport sustainability. She led the creation of the groundbreaking OMP Sustainable Design Manual (SDM) and an updated and expanded version called the CDA Sustainable Airport Manual. The manual is internationally recognized as the definitive source for sustainable airport design, construction, planning, operations and maintenance, concessions, and tenant activities.

Both Andolino and the O’Hare Modernization Plan have been recognized for excellence in environmental stewardship by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, the United Nation’s Environmental Programme for Livable Communities, as well as several government agencies and industry publications.

Commissioner Andolino presented "CDA Leads the Way for Incorporating Green Roof Space in an Airport Environment."

 Wolfgang Ansel

Nürtingen, Germany.  Wolfgang Ansel is a biologist who studied at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.  He is currently the Director of the International Green Roof Association (IGRA).  IGRA`s targets include the worldwide promotion of the ecological green roof idea, an international knowledge transfer in the field of green roofs and the stimulation of international standards for good practices and reliable green roof technology.  Wolfgang Ansel is co-author of different green roof books.  During the last year he was an invited speaker at congresses in Europe, North America and Asia.  One of his main areas of work is implementing green roof policies and guidelines on an international level.

Wolfgang presented "Green Roof Policies - An International Review of Current Practices and Future Trends."

 Roland Appl

Unterensingen, Germany.  Roland Appl has been working as a green roof engineer for more than 25 years in the Stuttgart region in Germany.  As the Technical Director of the green roof system developer and supplier ZinCo, he has been involved in several technical innovations (e.g. thermally insulating green roofs, green roofs and photovoltaics).  He is designing green roof systems dedicated to all kind of possible applications.  Roland is member of the research group “Green Roofs” of the FLL and he was also speaker at the GRHC conferences in Boston, Minneapolis, Baltimore and Toronto.  In 2009 Roland Appl was elected president of the International Green Roof Association (IGRA), which was responsible for the “International Green Roof Congress 2009 “Bringing Nature Back to Town” in Nuertingen near Stuttgart.  IGRA was also one of the organisers of the Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010 in Singapore.

Roland presentedCombining Green Roofs with Photovoltaics.”

 Dr. Patrick Blanc

Paris, France.  Patrick Blanc, PhD is the creator of the Vertical Garden (Le Mur Végétal) hydroponic living wall system and is a botanist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, where he specializes in plants from subtropical forests.  Since 1982, he has studied the many ways plants adapt to extreme conditions.  Patrick has received numerous awards and worked with Jean Nouvel, Andree Putman, Frances Soler, Edouard Francois, Jaqueline et Henri Boiffils, Herzog et de Meuron, Mark Newson, Saguez et Partners, and many others.  Patrick is the author of The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City, 2008, and the upcoming revised edition coming in October, 2011.

Patrick was interviewed at length by Linda Velazquez and his excerpted video "The Vertical Garden - from Nature to Cities" followed.

 Jörg Breuning

Bel Air, MD, USA.  Jörg Breuning is the principal of Green Roof Technology (Previously Green Roof Service) which offers a full range of design services to meet green roof, green wall, and natural swimming pool/bio-filtration pool needs.  Jörg began working with green roofs in 1980 and brought the first modern green roof technology to the U.S. in 1999 with the Chicago City Hall project.  His expertise is known by universities, architects, manufacturers and installers across the U.S. and in Europe.  He is especially recognized for his ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice offering the most efficient green roof solutions.  Also, he co-founded Green Roof Safari.

Jörg presented "Green Roof Technology Sails Around the World."

 Matthew Dillon

Newtown, Australia.  Since 1980 Matthew has expanded his architectural discipline to also encompass interior architecture, sustainable building design, landscape design, public sculpture and green infrastructure for the built form.  He is the current vice president of GreenRoofs Australasia and a member of World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), being primarily focused on advocacy to promote the industry.

Matthew presented "GreenRoofs in Australasia."

 Dr. Nigel Dunnett

Sheffield, UK.  Nigel Dunnett, PhD is Director of the Green Roof Centre and Professor in Planting Design and Urban Horticulture at the University of Sheffield, UK.  With a background and experience in botany, ecology, horticulture and design, his teaching and research focuses on sustainable urban planting approaches to maximise benefit to people and wildlife.  He is lead author of Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls, 2nd edn 2008; Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living, 2011; and Rain Gardens, 2007.  He convened the First and Second National Green Roof Conferences in the UK, and acts widely as a consultant on urban planting design matters.  He devised the vegetation strategy for the green roof on the Sharrow School, UK - the world's first purpose-designed and government-designated green roof nature preserve, and was horticultural consultant to the London 2012 Olympic Park.

Nigel presented "Sky Meadows - Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens."

 João Manuel Linck Feijó

Porto Alegre, Brazil.  João Manuel Linck Feijó is an agronomy engineer and principal of Ecotelhado which offers green infrastructure solutions through the manufacture of green roof and green wall systems and consulting services.  He is also the Director of ATVBrasil, a non-profit organization working to promote green infrastructure in Brazil, which has been disseminating green roof and wall information in many cities and proposing projects of law for green roofs all across the country since 2005.  João is a World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) board member.

João presented "The Work of ATVBrasil."

 Richard Hayden

Chicago, IL, USA.  Richard C. Hayden, RLA, ASLA, CLARB, is the Garden Roof Department Manager at American Hydrotech, Inc.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, he’s been a practicing landscape architect for more than 30 years and has been involved in a wide variety of projects across the U.S.  He’s been involved in green roofs, green plazas and green infrastructure in his array of projects that include public and private buildings, bridges, streetscapes and large infrastructure projects.  American Hydrotech, Inc.®, is a recognized leader in the development, production and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products since 1977.  Since its first green roof in 1996, American Hydrotech has been expanding its Garden Roof presence with more than 1,400 projects representing over 7 million sf of Garden Roof installations.

Richard presented "Sloped and Complex Green Roofs."

 Paul Kephart

Monterey, CA, USA.  Paul Kephart is the President of Rana Creek and is a renowned expert in ecological consulting and vegetated systems design. The firm specializes in environmental planning, landscape architecture, habitat restoration, and native plant propagation.  Paul's approach is to carefully consider each project's site and to design for a whole ecosystem and the increased health of the land over time along with the desires of his clients.  Paul is best known for his pioneering efforts in Living Architecture on groundbreaking projects such as the California Academy of Sciences, Gap Headquarters, and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

presented "Naturalism: Large-Scale Applications of Living Architecture." 

 Haven Kiers

Davis, CA, USA.  Haven Kiers, LEED AP, GRP, holds a Master's of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley with an undergraduate degree from Brown University.  Haven designs and presents nationally about greenroofs and is a founding partner of GreenSwell Design and Planning.  She is also a trainer with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities where she facilitates the Green Roof 101, 201, & 401 Courses.  She believes the "greenroof challenge lies in finding the right balance between idealistic principles and cutting edge design."  Haven is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com; she is the Design Editor and writes the occasional column "Chic Sustainability."

Haven co-presented the "2011 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design" with Linda Velazquez.

 Terry McGlade

Toronto, Canada.  Terry McGlade is one of Canada’s best known greenroof experts.  Terry is a creative, dynamic forward thinking horticulturalist and landscape designer with 30 years of experience and has been designing and building gardens in the Toronto area since 1982.  He created his first roof garden in 1985, and installed his first green roof in 1999.  Terry is the founder and President of Gardens in the Sky which has built over 50 greenroofs and numerous roof gardens and received many awards.  Now part of Flynn Canada Ltd., Gardens in the Sky has the advantage of being part of Canada’s leading building envelope trade contractor.  They deliver outstanding green roofs & roof gardens for commercial, institutional, & industrial projects.  Terry has been involved in the design and execution of some of Canada’s largest and most complex green roofing projects in the commercial, institutional and residential market areas.

Terry presented "Constructing Gardens in the Sky."

 Caroline Menetre

Marietta, GA, USA.  Caroline Menetre graduated in 2009 with a degree in Environmental Horticulture at North Metro Tech in Atlanta with a specialization in Sustainable Urban Horticulture.  Previously, she was employed for 20 years as art director with one of Northwest Florida's most established and successful advertising agencies.  Keenly interested in greenroofs and greenwalls - and combined with years of experience in advertising and editorial publications - she helped to promote the industry as Greenroofs.com's student intern from 2008 - 2009, and continues to collaborate with Greenroofs.com on different projects.  She is currently an independent landscape designer, graphic designer, and environmental horticulturist.

Caroline introduced Patrick Blanc, noted French biologist and creator of Le Mur Végétal.

 Lluis Recasens Pahí

Tarragona, Spain.  Lluís Recasens Pahí is a horticultural engineer, co-founder of the first Escuela de Horticultura y Jardineria de España (Horticulture and Gardening School of Spain), 1982-1988.  Lluis has worked in various high level managerial positions within the fertilizer (controlled and slow release fertilizers) and ornamental horticulture industries for The Scotts Company and Nosterra Ibérica S.A Europa.  Presently, Lluís is Profesor de Horticultura (Professor of Horticulture) at the Institut d´Horticultura i Jardineria de Reus (Institute of Horticulture and Gardening of Reus) in Catalonia, Spain, and he also is a consultant on various projects including maintenance of greenroofs and greenwalls.

Lluis presented "Sustainability in Plant Production."

 Dr. Clayton Rugh

Durham, NC, USA.  Clayton Rugh, PhD is Manager & Technical Director of Xero Flor America.  Dr. Rugh received his BS in Botany and Genetics and MS in Plant biology, both from The Ohio State University; and PhD from the University of Georgia.  Xero Flor America, LLC. (XFA) was formed concurrently with the 10.4 acre green roof installation on Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant.  XFA was borne out of 30 years of technical development by its parent organization, Xero Flor International GmbH, and extensive German and U.S. university R&D to develop various green roof systems tailored to individual project design goals and regional North American climates.  Xero Flor pre-grown vegetated mats are installed on custom designed base layers as "instant" green roof systems, which are independent laboratory certified against weed encroachment, wind uplift, spread of fire, or surface erosion.  These features and more are on the Dearborn Truck Plant and an additional 400+ Xero Flor green roof installations throughout North America since the initiation of the Ford - XFA - Michigan State University collaborative green roof research trials in 2001.

Clayton presented "One Decade of Ultralight Green Roof Proof-of-Concept on Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant."

 John Shepley

Glen Arm, MD, USA.  John Shepley has worked as an engineer, technical manager, business manager, and management consultant.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University, 1984.  Since then he has lived and worked in Baltimore and surrounding areas, with a couple of years in Copenhagen Denmark building a new metro system there.  In 2004, John co-founded Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. in Harford County.  Emory Knoll Farms grows plants exclusively for green roofs, and in addition to serving the green building industry, they operate a socially just and sustainable business.  John is a founding board member of the Baltimore Biodiesel Cooperative (2004-2009), and has served on the board of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance since 2006, where he has been chairman since 2009.  John is passionate about renewable energy, sustainable living and business, and promoting a living local economy. He drives a vegetable-powered truck, and has an electric Mazda RX-7.  John is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2011): the Green Business Editor (2011) and contributes Sustainable Business Insights.

John presented "Sustainability at a Small Business: Emory Knoll Farms."

 Linda Velazquez

Alpharetta, GA, USA.  Linda Velazquez, ASLA Associate, GRP, LEED AP, is founder and publisher of Greenroofs.com (1999), the international greenroof industry’s resource portal, where she writes and reports extensively about greenroofs.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia (2000).  Linda is also principal of Sky Gardens Design (2004), a greenroof design and consulting firm.

Greenroofs.com is an internet news media organization whose goal is to inform, promote and inspire the earth friendly technology of organic greenroof architecture through the free interchange of ideas, projects, news, video, research, organization/government updates, and marketing opportunities. Exclusives include guest articles, contributing editor columns, the Sky Gardens Blog, “This Week in Review” video, and the WebTV series Sky Gardens ~ Greenroofs of the World™. Greenroofs.com publishes The Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database; The Greenroof Directory of Manufacturers, Suppliers, Professional Services & Organizations; the Greenroofs of the World™ Calendar series; and greenroofs.tv, a video channel devoted to greenroofs and greenwalls.  Greenroofs.com is the organizer of the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011.

Linda co-presented the "2011 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design" with Haven Kiers.

Xianmin Wang 

Xianmin Wang

Beijing, China.  Wang Xianmin is Deputy Chief of the Vertical Greening Academic Group of China Green Building Council; Vice Chairman of the International Rooftop Landscaping Association; Secretary-general of the 2012 Hangzhou China•World Green Roof Conference; Founder and former Secretary-general of the Beijing Rooftop Greening Association; former Secretary-general of the Great Wall Green Engineering Organizing Committee and Former Deputy Dean of the Asia-Pacific Education Centre of Peking University.  He graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics.  Xianmin Wang is the author of China 2010 Shanghai World Expo venue three-dimensional Green, 2011 and Roof Garden, 2007.

Xianmin presented "The Current Situation and Future of Green Roofs in China."  His presentation was in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles. 

 Chris Wark

New York, NY, USA.  Christopher Wark, MSME, LEED AP, has over 20 years of multidisciplinary engineering experience providing mechanical, thermodynamic, and electronics support and services to manufacturers, universities and national labs.  In 2002, Chris established SHADE Consulting/Green Roof Innovations with his wife, Wendy.  With SHADE, Chris developed a roof system heat transfer computer program and conducted green roof energy analyses for several major cities and organizations.  Chris is currently a Senior Energy Analyst for Viridian Energy & Environmental where he conducts whole-building energy analysis and air flow modeling.  Chris holds Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University.  He is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2010): the Energy Editor.  In 2011 he completed a seven-part series entitled "Cooler Than Cool Roofs: How Heat Doesn't Move Through a Green Roof."

presented "E = MC2 of Green Roofs: Ranking Energy Benefits by Mission, Climate and Construction."


Panel Sessions:

"Biodiversity and Green Roofs" Panel
 Christine Thuring

Sheffield, UK, Stuttgart, Germany.  Christine Thuring has been working with green roofs since 2001 in various capacities, including installation, advocacy, research, consulting, design, and education.  Prior to green roofs, she worked as a field botanist and restoration ecologist.  With a BSc in Environmental Resource Science & Biology (Trent University) and MSc Horticulture (The Pennsylvania State University), Christine is currently doing her PhD in Landscape Ecology (University of Sheffield).  She co-founded Green Roof Safari, and offers consulting and technical translation through Chlorophyllocity.  She is a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com; she is the Student Editor and also writes Christine's Ramblings.

Christine moderated the panel on "Biodiversity and Green Roofs" where she also spoke about her research on plant community development and ecological processes on extensive green roofs with time.

 Nathalie Baumann

Basel, Switzerland.  Nathalie Baumann (BioGeograph/Social Anthropologist) accomplished her Master's of Sciences degree at the University of Basel, Switzerland.  Afterwards she worked on different projects of NGO's like WWF Switzerland in the context of River Ecology, Biodiversity Assessment, Urban Ecology and Ecology of ground nesting birds.  Since 2005 she has been the Research Associate of Dr. Stephan Brenneisen at the Competence Centre of the Institute Environment and Natural Resources of the Zurich Applied University in Wädenswil, Switzerland.  One of her main topics is the research project: Ecological Compensation of Roofs: Vegetation and Ground Nesting Birds (e.g. investigating on the success of broods, improving therefore green roof design, etc.).

Nathalie spoke about "Green Roofs / Natural Roofs = Biodiverse Habitats and Ecological Compensation in Urban Space: 15 Years of Experience in Switzerland."

 Dusty Gedge

London, UK.  Dusty Gedge is a green roof campaigner and designer, who has actively promoted green roofs in the UK since 1997.  He has designed a number of seminal roofs and help develop the London Green Roof Policy. He is also the current President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations, established three PhD studies on green roof research and has a particular interest in biodiversity on green roofs.  He is also a writer, blogger and sometimes TV presenter.  Dusty is co-author of Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living, 2011 and DIY Guide to Green & Living Roofs, among other publications.  In 2004 Dusty co-founded Livingroofs.org, a non-profit organisation established to promote, advise upon and seek research into green roofs and similar structures within the context of urban and rural regeneration.

Dusty spoke about "Designing and Working for Biodiversity on Green Roofs for Over 10 Years."

 Gary Grant

London, UK.  Gary Grant is an independent ecologist with 30 years of experience of ecological survey and assessment, habitat creation and restoration, green infrastructure planning and site design and management.  He works closely with built-environment professionals encouraging them to use the ecosystem services approach.  Gary began work with the London Wildlife Trust in the 1980s and moved into consultancy in 1989, designing his first green roof in 1992.  He wrote Green Roofs and façades, 2006.  Until 2009, he was a Director at AECOM Design + Planning working on large scale planning projects like the London 2012 Olympic Park, amongst others.  Gary’s current emphasis is on green infrastructure planning and climate change adaptation projects, as well as the design of building-integrated vegetation (green roofs and living walls).

Gary spoke about "My First Biodiverse Green Roof in 1992, Considerations for Planning and Design and Some Thoughts on the Future."

"Greenroofs & Walls for Educational & Social Equity in the Bronx" Panel
 Robert Bieder

Bronx, NY, USA.  Robert Bieder is a third generation Bronx businessman who, with his family, owns and operates Westchester Square Plumbing Supply where this past December they had installed solar panels and reduced their electric costs by 60%.  In addition, they are a leading distributor of water and fuel saving devices.  Bob is also a member of the Bronx Coalition for Parks & Greenspaces, Chairman of the Bronx Merchants Coalition, and a member of Bronx Community Board 10.

Bob was the Moderator for "Greenroofs & Walls for Educational & Social Equity in the Bronx."


 Jon Beuttler

New York, NY, USA.  Jonathan Beuttler is a Project Manager in the Division of New Construction of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), the largest municipal developer of affordable housing in the nation.  Prior to joining HPD, Jonathan wrote successful grant proposals for urban farming start-ups and policy proposals supporting growth in the urban farming industry.  Jonathan has worked at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the Fashion Center Business Improvement District and is a return Peace Corps volunteer.

 Jess Dannhauser

New York, NY, USA.  Jess Dannhauser is Graham Windham’s Senior Vice President for Program Performance and Planning.  Jess came to Graham Windham from the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) where he had been serving as the Associate Commissioner for Performance Measurement, Monitoring and Improvement.  As Associate Commissioner, he was in charge of ACS's performance measurement and consultation system which aims to drive performance improvements in all of New York City's non-profit child welfare agencies.  He has extensive experience in New York City agencies as the former Chief of Staff for Commissioner John Mattingly and the Special Assistant to now Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs when she was Commissioner at the Department of Homeless Services.  Jess received his Master's of Social Work from the University of California, Berkeley and his BA in Psychology from Duke University.

 Ruben Diaz, Jr.

Bronx, NY, USA.  Elected Bronx Borough President in the Special Election on April 21st, 2009, Ruben Diaz Jr., previously served in the New York State Assembly since 1997, representing the 85th Assembly District.  He demonstrated passion for constituent service, social advocacy and community empowerment balanced with support for sensible, green economic development and job creation programs.  He sponsored and secured passage of important and innovative laws to address the consequences of the intolerable levels of asthma in the South Bronx, healthcare insurance fraud, and quality of life concerns.  Throughout his seven terms in the State Legislature, Ruben Diaz Jr. was a champion for working families in the Bronx.  A staunch defender of the environment, he is a leading voice against environmental racism and injustice.  He graduated from Lehman College, City University of New York, with a Bachelors degree in political theory.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. was interviewed after the panel session for Greenroofs.com at the Bronx County Courthouse.


 Javier Lopez

New York, NY, USA.  Javier Lopez is the Director of the New York City Strategic Alliance for Health (SAfH).  SAfH is a consortium of advocates, community activists, organizations and professionals with an interest in lessening the impact of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Northern Manhattan, North and Central Brooklyn, and the South Bronx.  The goal of the consortium is to develop local obesity prevention policy, system, environmental changes that can be adopted citywide.  Javier has a BA from the State University of New York at Albany and a Master's of Public Administration from Baruch College where he was also named a member of the National Urban Fellow program.  In 2007 he was named a member of Cornell University’s “Strength through Diversity” Young Professionals Leadership Program.

 Gustavo Rivera

Bronx, NY, USA.  New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and graduated from the University of Puerto Rico.  In 1998, Rivera came to New York to begin a doctoral program in political science at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.  He has lived in the Bronx for ten years.  Gustavo Rivera was elected State Senator for New York Senate District 33 in November of 2010.  The 33rd Senate District consists of the Northwest Bronx including Kingsbridge Heights, East Tremont, Crotona Park, Fordham, Bedford Park and parts of Riverdale.  As a State Senator, Gustavo Rivera has been working to change the way business is done in the legislature and to ensure that the families of the 33rd Senate District have a voice in Albany.  In addition to serving as a State Senator, Gustavo Rivera continues to serve as an adjunct professor at Pace University, where he teaches courses in political science.  For the last ten years, Rivera has also served as a faculty member and mentor for “Somos el Futuro," the annual Model State Senate program sponsored by CUNY, SUNY, the NY State Assembly, and the Puerto Rican Hispanic Task.

The "Greenroofs & Walls for Educational & Social Equity in the Bronx" video was filmed at the Bronx Office of State Senator Gustavo Rivera.

 Steve Ritz

Bronx, NY, USA.  Stephen Ritz is an acclaimed NYC DOE educator/administrator whose work in the Bronx continues to attract national attention and support.  To date, he has grown more than 20,000 pounds of Bronx vegetables with his extended Bronx Family - the youngest certified workforce in America - who operate a profitable, in school, student Farmers Market and routinely install green walls and green roofs across NYC/NYS.  Steve continually champions living wage opportunities along with stellar academic results for his students and his work has been recognized and celebrated by CNN, NBC, ABC, NY Academy of Medicine, US EPA, USS Intrepid, United Nations amongst others.  Learn more about him and support his newest vision on Facebook and YouTube.

  Note: Make sue to see the accompanying "The Green Bronx Machine" PowerPoint Presentation by Steve Ritz in the On Demand Auditorium.
"Vertical Agriculture: A Global Movement Starts Locally, from Walls & Roofs  to Table" Panel
 George Irwin

Rochester, NY, USA.  George Irwin is founder and CEO of Green Living Technologies International, LLC (GLTi), a privately held company manufacturing patented Green Living Walls and Green Living Roofs, and is a global pioneer in vertical agriculture.  Prior to founding GLTi, George was a landscape contractor for two dozen years.  He holds a degree in education and his mission is to help create sustainable solutions to the challenges of food insecurity and the dearth of job opportunities for at risk youth throughout America's inner cities.  His efforts have earned him recognition as an official education partner for the New York City Department of Education and additional higher education facilities, with the development of a GLTi-dedicated degree track in "Green Tech" education at secondary schools in multiple states.  The first high school is scheduled to open in September of 2012.  George is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2008); he is the Green Wall Editor and talks about his own experience as well as industry happenings within the field.

George was the Moderator for "Vertical Agriculture: A Global Movement Starts Locally, from Wall to Table."

 Tom Ferraro

Rochester, NY, USA.  Tom Ferraro is Executive Director of Foodlink.  Founded in 1978, it has grown to serve a 10-county area in the Greater Rochester area.  As a founding member of Feeding America, Foodlink is part of a national network of 200 food banks whose mission is to provide hunger relief, eliminate the root causes of hunger, improve health and promote economic development.  They do this through the distribution of food to a network of agencies and by empowering individuals through nutritional and agricultural programs.  Foodlink’s vision is to build a hunger-free community and sustainable regional food system in which every individual has access to nutritious food and is empowered with the tangible skills to lead a healthy and productive life.  Locally, they rescue and redistribute over 11 million pounds of food annually to a network of 450 programs.  Today, the food bank's network of agencies serve 102,000 meals each week, or over 5 million meals annually to an estimated 125,000 different people.

 Tom Reed

Corning, NY, USA.  U.S. Congressman Tom Reed was elected to represent the 29th District of New York in a special election held November 2, 2010.  He took office during the “lame duck” session of the 111th Congress and began his own full two year term in the 112th Congress on January 5, 2011.  In June 2011 Congressman Reed was recently appointed to the Committee on Ways and Means and serves on the Human Resources and Oversight subcommittees of Ways and Means.  Tom previously served on the Rules, Judiciary, and Transportation and Infrastructure committees.  He graduated from Alfred University in 1993 with a degree in Political Science and from the Ohio Northern University College of Law in 1996.  Tom says, “Job creation and the nation’s financial health are the most important challenges facing the country and upstate New York.”

"The Portland Ecoroof Program: A Cross-section of the Green Roof Movement in Portland, Oregon" Panel
 Tom Liptan

Portland, OR, USA.  Tom Liptan is a registered landscape architect (Oregon) and works as an environmental specialist with the City of Portland, OR, Bureau of Environmental Services (Note: Tom retired in December, 2012).  He has researched and developed numerous vegetated approaches for rain/stormwater management and has designed, monitored and maintained many projects, including several ecoroofs.  His work has been recognized internationally and he has presented papers at conferences and Universities in the USA, Canada, England, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden.  A book titled Rain Gardens by Dunnett and Clayton, 2007, has a dedication to his efforts.  He is co-author of the chapter “Stormwater Gardens” in Handbook of Water Sensitive Planning and Design, 2002, and a section in Green Roofs, Ecological Design and Construction, 2005.  His garage ecoroof, the first specifically built (1996) to test rain management in the USA, is included in the new book Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living, 2011.

 Matt Burlin

Portland, OR, USA.  Matt Burlin is the Outreach Coordinator for the Sustainable Stormwater Division and Ecoroof Program with the City of Portland.

 Amy Chomowicz

Portland, OR, USA.  Amy Chomowicz is the Program Administrator for the Sustainable Stormwater Division and Ecoroof Program with the City of Portland.  Amy has worked in the water quality and watershed restoration fields for 19 years and worked on her first ecoroof project in 1997.  Prior to that, Amy worked in energy conservation and renewable energy.

 Casey Cunningham

Portland, OR, USA.  Casey Cunningham is a landscape architect with the City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Division.  He designs green streets and other low-impact, vegetated systems that manage stormwater and improve urban wildlife habitat.  Casey monitors ecoroofs for their value to birds and insects, and enjoys sagebrush, communicating through music and blueberries on summer days.

   Alice Meyers

Portland, OR, USA.  Alice Meyers is an Environmental Specialist with the Sustainable Stormwater Division and coordinates the Incentive in the Ecoroof Program with the City of Portland.

"Wind. Water. Heat. Grow. Greenroofs." Panel
 Dr. Bill Retzlaff

Edwardsville, IL, USA.  Bill Retzlaff, PhD, Co-Director of G.R.E.E.N., Chairman of the Research Committee of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Biological Sciences Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, has conducted wind tunnel testing of green roof systems and contributed research data for the new green roof wind uplift standard.  In addition, a 16,000 sf green roof on the SIUE campus has just experienced a wind "event" with no uplift or damage.  Dr. Bill is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2006); he is the G.R.E.E.N. Editor and talks about the various trials at the SIUE Green Roof Research Center.

Dr. Bill was the Moderator for "Wind. Water. Heat. Grow. Greenroofs."

 David Aponte

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.  David L Aponte, MSCE, GRP has a Master's of Engineering in Water Resource Engineering and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Environmental Engineering with several years experience in green roof design and the construction industry.  He is founder of PR Green Design, Inc. (PRGD) which is responsible for 80% of all the green roofs built in the island of Puerto Rico. Projects range from small ecological roof to big scale intensive greening.  Since 1996, more than 150,000 sf of green roofs have been installed in Puerto Rico, but not all have survived the harsh environment of the tropics, especially in the extensive category.  As this new wave of green roof construction is reaching the Caribbean market many doubts and misconceptions have taken over local designers.  Should green roofs be designed here equally to those in northern climates?

 Kevin Songer

Jacksonville, FL, USA.  Kevin Songer’s passion is restoring 'volumetric green' to the urban core, designing green roofs for MetroVerde.  MetroVerde's green roof designs are structured for cyclone and hurricane impacted areas with native plants.  He holds a B.S. in Biology and a Juris Doctor in law (environmental and land use).  Kevin writes a daily green roof blog, Living Green Roofs.  He is a LEED BG+C and an ISA Certified Arborist & Municipal Specialist Arborist.  Follow @kevinsonger on twitter.

 Joe Webb

Houston, TX, USA.  Joe Douglas Webb, AIA, is the principal of a small Houston based architecture and planning firm, Webb Architects, that specializes in commercial architecture, planning and city design projects.  Registered to practice architecture in 14 states, he is currently chair of Blueprint Houston, a past president of AIA Houston, a member of APA, USGBC, ULI and a NCARB Certificate holder.

"Greenroofs: Wind & Fire" Panel
 Kelly Luckett

Lake Saint Louis, MO, USA. Kelly Luckett, GRP, LEED AP.  Nearly a decade in the green roof industry followed Kelly’s thirty years in the roofing industry. His work includes: developing the Green Roof Blocks product line with products in service on over 125 green roof projects; providing the initial funding to establish the G.R.E.E.N. Green Roof Research Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; co-authoring minimum design standards for green roofs within the International Building Code; authoring Green Roof Construction and Maintenance, 2009; serving on committees to develop and beta test the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Green Roof Professional accreditation testing program; and working as an instructor with the NRCA University educating designers and contractors about green roof design and construction.  Recently, Kelly designed, patented, and introduced the Green Wall Blocks vegetated retaining wall system.  Kelly is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2005); he is the Green Roof Guy who shares his travels attending ASTM, GRHC and other roofing and greenroof related organization meetings.  In 2010, Kelly received the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Civic Award of Excellence.

Kelly was the Moderator for "Greenroofs: Wind & Fire."

 Mike Ennis

Waltham, MA, USA.  Mike Ennis has been Technical Director for SPRI, the Association representing Single-Ply Roofing Manufacturers and Component Suppliers, for the last five years.  Prior to this he worked for The Dow Chemical Company for thirty years and was the North American Application Technology Leader for commercial products in Dow’s Building Solutions business where he led the development of new products ands applications. Mike has 35 years of building and construction experience to his credit.  Mike is a Registered Roof Consultant with RCI, Inc. and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues and the Cool Roof Rating Council.  He is a member of ASHRAE and ASTM Committees D8 Roofing and Waterproofing, E5 Fire Standards, and E60 Sustainability.

 Jim Kirby

Rosemont, IL, USA.  James R. Kirby, AIA, associate executive director of technical communications for NRCA.  He holds a Master’s of Architecture from University of Illinois and is a licensed architect in Illinois.  Having joined the NRCA in 1996, Kirby is responsible for NRCA’s sustainability activities and communicating technical information through presentation and articles.  Jim is a professional member of ASTM, AIA, GRHC, ICC and USGBC.  He is an accredited Green Roofing Professional (GRP) and is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design and Construction from Boston Architectural College.  Jim provided NRCA commentary on RP-14.

"Green Roofs Without the Hype" Panel
 Patrick Carey

Seattle, WA, USA.  Patrick Carey, GRP, has a degree in architecture and is principal of hadj design, a green roof design-build company.  Patrick is also director of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild's Green Roof Project and a trainer with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities where he facilitates the Green Roof 101, 201, 301, & 401 Courses.  Patrick is also a contributing editor on Greenroofs.com (2005); he is the Architecture Editor (2005).  He writes an occasional architectural column entitled "A View from the Sky Trenches," where he selects and discusses pertinent greenroof industry topics.

Patrick was the Moderator for "Green Roofs Without the Hype."

 Dr. Robert Berghage

University Park, PA, USA.  Robert D. Berghage, PHD is an Associate Professor in Horticulture and Director of the Center for Green Roof Research at Penn State.  He has been a member of the Penn State faculty since 1994 and was a member of the Faculty of New Mexico State University from 1989 to 1994.  He received a Ph.D. and MS in Horticulture from Michigan State University and a BS in Botany from the University of Michigan.  He conducts research in phytoremediation and plant growth in modified environments.  Current projects mainly focus on green roofs where Dr. Berghage, along with colleagues in engineering and graduate and undergraduate students, has been working to evaluate green roof materials, plants, and systems and to quantify the beneficial functions of green roofs.  He teaches Plant Propagation, Herbaceous Plant Identification and Use, and Eco-roof Technology classes in Horticulture.  He is state Floriculture and Greenhouse Crop Production Extension Specialist and the serves on the Penn State Stormwater Management Advisory Committee.

 Charlie Miller

Philadelphia, PA, USA.  See above.

 Ed Snodgrass

Street, MD, USA.  See above.


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