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Greenroofs & Walls of the Worldô Virtual Summit 2011:

a greenroofs.com event 



Log in:  At the Virtual Event site.
Starts:  September 27, 2011 at 7:50 AM EDT (11:45 GMT)
Duration:  2 Live days plus 30 days archived through Oct. 28th, 2011


Registration fee:

  • $49 - a 50% discount off the regular registration for professional associates;

  • $25 for students/faculty and government professionals*;

  • Free to accredited media**.

* Email address must have .edu, or .gov or other governmental domain name extensions.
** One free registration per media company; for details contact us.


Participate in our SCN for a chance to win an iPad
Pre-Registration is open now!
We will be giving away 2 iPad2s, one at the end of the Early Bird pre-registration window* and another one for participating in the Social Collaboration Network (SCN) including visiting the Expo Pavilions!  Download a copy of the Prize Rules.
* James Neville of Vancouver, B.C., Canada won the 1st iPad2!

Following are instructions for pre-registering and registering or you can just hit the Register Now! button:   

1.After you hit the "Register Now!" button above, you will be taken to a Registration Form managed by ConstantContact. Just type in your email address twice and hit the "Continue Registration" button to proceed to the next step. You also get to see a list of who else has chosen to list themselves as registered!  
2.In this step, you will ask to type in your First & Last names, to which non-profit organization, professional association, university or government do you belong and to select the price you most qualify. You then select your credit card payment method (PayPal or Google Checkout) and hit "Continue" to begin your payment process.  
3.Once your payment method has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email of your successful registration and you will be given an opportunity to correct any errors.  Please allow at least 5 minutes to process your payment and to add your email address to the Virtual Event site.  
4.After the 24 hours wait, you should try to register to the Virtual Event site by clicking on the link provided to you on the confirmation email above or here: http://greenroofs.6connex.com/portal/virtual2011/login

Here you should perform your System Check first - this test will compare your system to the recommended requirements. This system check covers standard platform functionality - it does not cover requirements for any 3rd party services that may be integrated into the experience. Then hit the "Click Here to Register" button on the upper right. For more detailed information, you may download our Quick Reference Guide.

If you are interested in Tweeting about this event, please use the hashtag #virtualsummit2011 - all the tweets will appear on this Tweeter widget and on the one in the virtual.greenroofs.com homepage.


Once you hit the "Click Here to Register" button, it will take you to the actual Registration page where it will ask you a series of questions necessary for the creation of your virtual event profile. An asterisk (*) by the field name means that it is a required entry on your part.



Under the Preferences section you have a chance to influence your choices that will ultimately create your recommended content. Hit Submit when you are done.

6.After answering all the questions properly and hitting the Submit button you should get a dialog box notifying you that: Password Successfully Sent - Your information has been submitted with a link to set your password.   
You will get emails from do_not_reply@greenroofs.6connexnotifications.com Thanking you for Registering and another one from do_not_reply@greenroofs.6connex.com with a link to reset your password.

Make sure you add these addresses to your email application. For more information on how, please  read these simple instructions on how to add ANY email address to your safe senderís list.

7.Here you set your password.  
8.Here you get a dialog box with the following information: Password Successfully Reset! - Your password has been successfully reset. You may now use your Email address and new password to log in. But first, hit the X in order to close out this dialog box.  
9.Since the Virtual Summit doesn't start until September 27, 2011, you will get this "Thank You" page when you try to login. You should click under the Calendar Reminders to download a reminder for your PC.  Make sure to come back at 7:45 EDT (11:45 GMT) on September 27, 2011 and experience this incredible event!  

  a greenroofs.com event 

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