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The new building of the Zoller residential/ company domicile was intended to be the company showpiece as well. Therefore, the building was fitted with solar collectors on the south side, while the barrel roof has been provided with a green roof in the higher, gently sloping areas, and in the lower, steeper area with a metal covering with standing seams. Because of the difficult access, the green roof had to be of permanent, low maintenance while still rooted enough to prevent erosion either by wind or rain.

Special Features: As an additional protection measure against shear forces, lines of supporting steel pipes were laid parallel to the eaves and installed within the green roof area. They were anchored and sealed onto the subconstruction of the roof, and retain the substrate by means of perforated plate profiles of stainless steel fixed anteriorly.The ZinCo System Build-up ?Barrel Roof?:Plants with plug plants, ca. 25 pieces/m?;System Substrate ?Rockery Type Plants?, ca. 100 l/m?, reinforced with Anti-Erosion Net JEG;Floradrain? FD 40 in rolls;Moisture and Protection Mat BSM 64;Roof construction with rootproof waterproofing;Eaves profile DP 120.


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