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For more info about Green Roof Blocks, please visit their website.

Green Roof Blocks completed the green roof installation at the Oak Bend Office Building on October 21, 2005. The building is nearing completion and will be the new home for Wind Engineering. Dan Wind has pledged to certify the construction of this project using the United States Green Building Council?s LEED Rating system. Among the environmentally friendly building strategies are Energy Star cool roofing, energy efficient insulated concrete block walls, preservation of site plant life, and locating the project near public transportation. The tower structure roof adorned with the new green roof will also receive Eco Cap, a new parapet coping that houses planters. The Eco Cap will allow ivy to grow and cascade down the exterior walls of the building from the rooftop. Both Green Roof Blocks and Eco Cap are products developed by Saint Louis Metalworks Company, a St. Louis metro area sheet metal contractor.

Green Roof Blocks are two foot by two foot aluminum planters that are designed to rest on rooftops to provide plant cover for the building. Vegetated rooftops have been proven to save energy cost to heat and cool buildings. Additionally, green roofs have the ability to absorb much of the storm water that would otherwise run off the roof. Many communities are looking to the green roofing concept as a possible strategy of replacing the green space sacrificed by the building footprint.
Green Roof Blocks are self contained planters housing a special lightweight engineered soil that support propagated succulents. This project utilized offsite growing for nearly three months allowing the plants to mature. This option allows the rooftop to be instantly greened with mature plants rather than the typical seedlings planted in many green roofs. The mature Green Roof Blocks were hoisted to the rooftop using a shingle roofing conveyor provided by Roofers Mart, an area roofing supplier.
“This was the first time we used a conveyor to roof load our green roof. It really worked out well. We were able to get the Blocks to the roof as fast as we could set them in place. We roof loaded and installed 98 Green Roof Blocks in about 40 minutes. That?s better than half the time of using a crane,? commented Kelly Luckett, president of Saint Louis Metalworks Company.


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