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For more information regarding the Wetland Roof – Israel, please contact:

Completed in December, 2010, the Wetland Roof in Israel is set on a single family eco-house. The Wetland Roof uses cleanses grey water for watering the garden plus provides an additional insulation layer. No air conditioning or warming system is present in the house – only passive systems are used, and the green roof is part of the green elements to improve insulation. 5281 certification is to be received soon.

This is the first Passive House and wetland roof in Israel. The homeowners are checking the effects of wetland roof on a single family house in a hot and humid climate. The wetland roof acts as a insulator and grey water system to reduce water use. The house is built according to green building factors and includes wall insulation, triple glazed windows, climate planning, passive cooling and heating, recycled material, vacuum toilets to reduce use of water.

This wetland roof on top of a one level single family house has a size of 60 sq. meters and the depth of the growing media is 30cm. The wetland roof is part of a test and research roof for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University.


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