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The Westview Condos are located at 180 9th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203. The project is available for visit by appointment only; to schedule a tour, please contact Mike Berkley at GroWild, Inc. at: 615.799.1910 or This project was filmed for the TN Wild Side cable program available in the local viewing market in 2006. See the following case studies: Southeast Watershed Forum and RD Herbert & Sons. Read the April 25, 2010 GPW: Westview Condos by Linda Velazquez in the Sky Garden Blog on and the November 27, 2006 On the roof, nature takes root by Michael Cass in the (PDF from Deck Designs by Brentwood).

Contact the following companies at: ItSaul Natural: and GroWild:

The current Westview Condos structure was the original Bell South headquarters in downtown Nashville going through a conversion to high-end condos. Completed on November 30, 2005, the Garden roof was added to provide a premuim green space to these upscale units. The garden provides a 360 degree vista of downtown Nashville and is located across from the newly planned federal courthouse. Also involved in this project was TVA, which contributed funds in order to use this as a demonstration project of their commitment to sustainability.

The roof supplier was Building Logics of Virginia Beach, VA. Local native plant material and installation by GroWild, Inc. of Fairview, TN. The system is comprised of a structural concrete deck, tapered isocyanurate insulation to provide slope, a fully adhered base sheet, the two ply greenroof MB membrane, filter fabric, growing media and plant material. The MB system provides the waterproofing, root resistance, drainage and water retention features.

Homeowners can grill and entertain their guests in four separate sitting areas while watching butterflies and listening to birds. Landscaped with all native plants including the American Smoketree, Serviceberry, Blueberry Bushes and grasses such as Prairie Dropseed and Little Bluestem as well as the federally endangered Tennessee Coneflower. The growing media was a Stalite mix, ItSaul Natural, provided by their nearest supplier in Atlanta, GA.


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