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The Green Roof Centre was established by the University of Sheffield and Groundwork Sheffield working in partnership with the four South Yorkshire Local Authorities. See the case study from The Green Roof Centre here. For more information, please contact The Green Roof Centre c/o Groundwork Sheffield, The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP; Fax: 0114 263 6429; Website:

Completed in July 2004, the scheme comprises 450 private residential apartments varying between 6 and 11 storey’s, together with 7500 sqm (80,000 sq.ft.) of leisure /retail facilities and 200 car parking spaces located within the basement. The building create a series courtyard spaces both private and public. The apartments proved to be so desirable that 95% were sold prior to completion. The green roofs are situated in three locations; the main high level roofs above retail developments, lower courtyard spaces and above undercroft parking areas.

Green Roof Contractor: Briggs Roofing and Cladding with English Landscapes applying the finishes and above the filtration membrane.Green Roof Elements: Intensive Axter system with substrate depth reaching 400 mm in planted areas. Planting included trees and shrubs with decorative paving and decking built off concrete slabs.


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