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Additional Resources

See the City of Waterloo Green Roof Project on their website here, and the greenroof can be viewed by clicking on the webcam button. Download the 2004 City of Waterloo “Green Roofs Feasibility Study And City Wide Implementation Plan” (20,865KB PDF) here, and for additional info, contact: Karen Moyer, Environmental Coordinator, 519.747.8609.

“The City of Waterloo conducted a feasibility study in 2004 to determine whether green roofs were an appropriate technology for the municipality, and to determine the specific benefits of green roofs for Waterloo. The feasibility study used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map out and determine which areas would reap the maximum benefit from green roofs. The study identified six primary benefits the City of Waterloo would gain by utilizing green roof technology, including stormwater management, a decrease in air pollution, reduction of the heat island effect, energy conservation, an increase in green space, and extension of the lifespan of the roof. The City of Waterloo City Centre was chosen as a demonstration site, and construction of a 1,650 m2 green roof was completed in 2007,” (The Ecojustice “GREEN CITIES, GREAT LAKES, Using Green Infrastructure to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows,” August 2008, by Liat Podolsky (Science Researcher, Ecojustice) and Dr. Elaine MacDonald (Senior Staff Scientist, Ecojustice).

“Flynn Canada was contracted by the City to retrofit and install an extensive Green Roof System. Flynn Canada graciously donated railing to surround the entire roof. Xero flor Canada Ltd., a Green Roof production and installation company with extensive experience in Germany, generously donated the extensive green roof system, covering the entire roof, an area of 1650 m2. The installed system is the same as the ?mini? green roof previously installed over the parking lot entrance of the City Centre, also entirely donated by Xero Flor,” (City of Waterloo).


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