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The Walmart Portland Supercenter is located at is located at 1123 N. Hayden Meadows Drive, Portland, OR 97217; 503.205.8844. Read the December 11, 2013 New Walmart Portland Supercenter features city’s largest eco-roof from the Walmart Green Room.

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In November 2013, Walmart opened their fourth U.S. store with a greenroof in Delta Park Center in Portland, Oregon featuring a 40,600 square foot ecoroof.

Armed with a $133,000 grant to Portland State University, researchers will study, monitor and research the Walmart Supercenter’s roof to observe wildlife and evaluate its ecological impacts. Students at PSU’s Green Building Research Laboratory will use the project as part of a two-year study. Students, under the direction of PSU professor David Sailor, will test the results from three slightly different segments of the ecoroof, as well as the white membrane on the remaining part of the roof, and compare the results to Walmart’s experience at a Chicago store with a green roof. And the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services will measure stormwater runoff at the site.

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